5 Tricks to Make Social Media Easier

Did you hear that rumor about me? Well, it’s true—I am not the best at being productive, spinning all the plates, and keeping my head above water. I have posted the wrong content on the wrong account. I have missed deadlines and submitted less-than-stellar work. I have wasted money on social media ads. My career in the fitness industry has waxed and waned, just like I am sure yours has. 

What am I good at doing? I have become great at dusting myself off, returning to work, and moving forward. I have learned that one of my most vital traits is resiliency. But what does this have to do with social media? You are here to read about ways to make social media easier for you. 

“”y goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.””- Francine Jay.

I share my mistakes and lessons on this blog, webinars, and presentations so you wwon’tmake the same missteps. I am transparent and honest about my mistakes online to make your life easier, your schedule more productive, and your business successful. I have learned these multiple tricks of the (social media) trade through my hiccups.

Here are five tricks to make social media easier so you can spend more time focusing on business growth and less on chasing likes. 


1. Know Your Goals 

Before you can grow, you have to know what your current goals are for your social media. You can’t “manage” your time, effort, and energy without a set of priorities. You can’t set priorities without an end game or finish line in mind. So, what are your current goals for your posts? Is it to have more website views or higher engagement in your private group? Decide so you can begin tracking your insights to see what is working and what is not. Ditch it if something isn’t helping you get closer to your goal.



2. Schedule a Time for 3Cs

Social media is meant to be social. You should be spending time connecting with your audience, leads, and clients. You are “rewarded when you comment, share, and tag others. However, studies show that when you log into social media multiple times during the day, your self-esteem decreases drastically, as does your productivity. Limit yourself by focusing on your intention when you log into the platforms. Schedule a 15-minute meeting with yourself daily to work on your 3Cs: Connection, community, and camaraderie.


3. Decide Who You Are

Branding and templates can be your best friends and resources if you use them properly. Build your brand: colors, fonts, voice, & style. Make a declaration of who you are so you can skin templates to look and feel like you. More importantly, decide on your voice – this component is where people will want consistency to reign. Your audience will appreciate it if you show up as 1 person instead of a fluctuating personality. The less choice you offer yourself, the easier (and quicker) it is to make decisions.


4. Batch Create

I can’t get through a single presentation without talking about cupcakes… Do you bake one cupcake at a time? No! You make 12 (at least). Well, make multiple social media posts at once. Batch your creativity and store it all for later use. Don’t record 1 Form Friday video. Film a multiple! 


5. Have a Path to You

Use social media as a breadcrumb trail to entice people off social media and to your website, where you can collect their contact information, educate them on your offerings, and sell them.

Remember, currency is not just money; currency is time and a valid email address. Provide valuable information to your audience in exchange for a valid email address. Then, connect with your audience by sending nurturing information that surprises and delights them. How? Address their pain points and offer the answers they seek at 2 a.m.


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