“The Fitness of Your Business” is a dynamic webinar series designed to empower fitness coaches and entrepreneurs with essential business strategy and marketing skills. This series features concise workshops and practical insights, and actionable tips tailored for the fitness industry. Whether you’re looking to enhance your marketing prowess, streamline your business operations, or boost your brand’s impact, “The Fitness of Your Business” provides the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

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June 2023

SCW Fitness

"Complexity of Coaching Women"

November 2022

Staci Alden

"A Guide to Difficult Conversations"

August 2021

IDEA Fit Pro Show

"3 Biggest Pain Points When Developing New Products"

October 2021

SCW Fitness

"Body Positivity"

April 2021

Kimberley Spreen Glick

"The Biggest Mistakes We Made Bringing Our Business Online"

February 2021

SCW Fitness

"Social Media Series: Streaming Videos"

February 2020

SCW Fitness

"Social Media: Instagram"

February 2020

SCW Fitness

"Social Media: Facebook"

January 2021

SCW Fitness

"Creating Memorable Classes"

December 2020

SCW Fitness

"The Future of Live Streaming"

December 2020

Kimberley Spreen-Glick

"3 Social Media Hacks for 2021"

Nov. 2020


"Wearing Multiple Hats"

November 2021

Fit Pros Connect

"Meet Jessica Maurer"

September 2020

SCW Fitness

"Virtual Training 101"

April 2020

SCW Fitness

"Social Media During the Pandemic"


November 2021

SCW Podcast

"The Future of Hormones & Training Female Clients"

October 2021

In Bed with the Fitness Industry

"From the Job You Like to the Career You Love"

Sept. 2021

The Fitness Business Podcast

"Your Signature Program Will Drive Profit"

June 2021

IDEAfit PRO Show Podcast

"Five Social Media Dos & Don'ts"

May 2021

Lebert Fitness Podcast

"How to Reach Your Full Potential"

October 2020

Women's Healthy Happy Hour

"How to Stay Fit as a Busy Mom"

June 2020

Two Fit Crazies & a Microphone

"FIT4MOM Senior Director of Instructor Development"

March 2020

In Bed with the Fitness Industry

"From Youtube to Keynote Speaking"