Whether you are beginning the journey as a business owner or interested in expanding your current programs, Jessica will work with you to develop offerings, products, signature programs and services for your clientele, brand, and team. This includes brand awareness, marketing guidance, technology and systems creation, and more.


Jessica will help you create and implement a business and branding plan that includes websites, email campaigns, blogs and social media content creation based on your personal expertise, offerings, and target market. 


When you are looking to refine your offerings and marketing, Jessica can help you stay accountable to your goals. She will consult with you and your team to brainstorm on your next step.


There are simple recipes you can follow to build your brand, and we can’t wait to share them with you in our new program “7 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients”.

This program will help you attract more clients to your brand and business in 21-days through our guided 7 steps and workbook customized for health and fitness professionals. Our 7 simple steps will immediately save you time, make your decisions clearer, and tell your clients that you’re the right fitness leader for them. A strong foundation sets you up for success and that is exactly what you are about to create through our 21-day digital program.


25 WAYS TO REPURPOSE YOUR CONTENT – Are you struggling to create new social media posts, blogs, training plans, offerings, or programs? Jessica will show you how to repurpose your already created content to craft new and exciting enticements for your business and marketing strategy in this interactive and personalized session. Learn what tools and technology you will need for quick transitions and a simple method to help you store & reuse all future content.

AUTOMATION FOR YOUR BUSINESS — Automation can help you create a seamless online business life so you can focus on your leadership responsibilities. Find out what you should automate immediately so you gain time to focus on your vision, team, and goals.

CREATING & CULTIVATING COMMUNITY – People are craving community now more than ever, which means creating a community surrounding your business is critical to your success. Learn your next 5 steps to easily creating & cultivating a community through digital, virtual, & live options and how to generate your online awareness campaigns to bring more people into your community.

DIGITAL VIRTUAL LIVE, OH MY – Online training, virtual challenges, live streaming. With ever-expanding technology, it is easy to be confused about where to put your time and money. This lecture will discuss the latest tools to help you obtain and retain clients while teaching you how to create digital, virtual, and live products.

FIVE SOCIAL MEDIA DOS & DON’TS – From new platforms to confusing lingo to the ever-changing landscape of our online lives, the world of social media can be overwhelming. In this lecture, learn the best apps, habits, and tricks to use to boost your engagement without having to pay for ads.

FIVE STEPS TO YOUR SIGNATURE PROGRAM – Ready to create your own transformational program that will stand above the rest? Learn a systematic method of program creation in five simple steps. This method allows you to create endless program sessions based on an adaptable design. Plus, this workshop will teach you the technology to help you automate your program, making it easier to run multiple sessions per year.

GET YOUR TIME BACK – If you are searching for ways to generate more time in your work week, this workshop is for you. From class creation to marketing, learn about the apps, programs, and systems that can give you your time back.

KNOW HER BUSINESS – Female clients can be the driving force of your business, if you know how to train, coach, and market to her. In this interactive workshop, we will teach you the three steps needed for each of these categories. Walk away with easy-to-implement actions personalized to attract more female clients to your business.

MOVEMENTS FOR MOMS – Let’s dive into common form issues we see within one of our largest populations of clients: mothers. Not only will we discuss these issues, but we will dive into the movement patterns you should be introducing to help moms become better movers in life. Learn easy cues, workout structures, and more in this interactive workshop.

PRENATAL TRUTHS & MYTHS – There is a lot of misinformation floating around about what our pregnant clients can and cannot do. In this workshop, dive into the latest recommendations and research surrounding prenatal moms. We will discuss and move through cardio, strength, core, and restorative movements during this interactive session.

TECH HER OUT – From social posts to emails, women interact differently with marketing and awareness media. Learn the 5 messages to stop delivering in 2022 and the 5 updated ways to use marketing materials to reach a wider audience of female clients.

WELCOME TO MY TECH TALK – From email services to social media, you need a lot of systems for your business. Learn easy ways to create, integrate, and balance all of them together so you can work more in your business than on your tasks.

Download this 15-minute webinar "3 Ways to Spark Your Creativity" to get tangible tips for getting your creative juices flowing, no matter if you are a group fitness instructor, entrepreneur, or personal trainer.
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