5 Lessons For Business Success In The Fitness Industry

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” – Deborah Day.

This quote speaks the truth. We often ignore spending quality time working on our business success, systems, strategies, and processes, arguing that we have more important things to do for our clients. Taking time to slow down, assess, and re-instate makes us better business owners, fitness leaders, parents, spouses, friends, humans… ok, you get the point.

I get it; finding time for personal self-care is hard. Finding time for business self-care is just as hard.

Slowing down and working on your business success can feel daunting. It’s not sexy or fun. It’s detail-oriented & can be cumbersome. But it is more than worth it. Business self-care can help you make better decisions, grow your business, and find more happiness in your work.

Below are 5 Lessons For Business Success to help you slow down to speed up.


1. Learn to Stop Reacting

One of the lessons I speak about during my lectures is the power of strategy and the chaos of instant reactions. Over the past year, I am sure you jumped into a situation based on a moment of instant gratification (like an ego boost) – instead of taking time to consider the full implications of your choice. These reactions are often based on fears or irrational emotions instead of thoughts and considerations. It’s time to move away from chaos. This goes for social media, program marketing, deciding on new opportunities, and more. Instead of rushing to produce social media content, pre-plan. Instead of creating programs based on fads, educate yourself and decide if this program provides longevity. Stop rushing and start making dedicated decisions based on your why, target market, and business success vision.


2. Learn to Schedule

If you think about doing it but don’t actually schedule a time in your calendar, it won’t happen. If you need to work on your social media strategy, book an appointment with your boss – you! And you don’t cancel meetings with your boss.

If you need to work on a future program, blog, email, training plan, class, etc.:

  1. Do not assume you will remember or be diligent enough to do it.
  2. Schedule time in your calendar to get it done.
  3. Make it a date with yourself so you won’t skip it.


3. Learn to Ask for Help

You are not an island. You do not have to do this thing called life alone. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of self-respect. When you need time – whether that is 10 minutes to answer emails or 4 hours to take an online course- ask someone to help you achieve that time. Ask your husband to watch the kids while you educate yourself with workshops. Ask for subs for your classes when you know you are reaching burnout or are injured. You do not have to run constantly at top speed and should ask others to help you when needed.


4. Learn to Say No

You may feel many expectations are put upon you from running your business to kid’s school to extended family obligations. Are you consistently taking on new classes that don’t bring you joy? Have you taken on new clients who don’t quite fit your business? Stop trying to make square pegs fit into round holes. Perhaps you are taking on too much out of fear of saying NO. So, say no when you feel overwhelmed or something doesn’t align with your focus. 


5. Learn to Find Support

We all need a support system of other like-minded individuals with whom we can share ideas, brainstorm on business success, and partner. Being surrounded by people who understand where we are in business will help you organically find solutions you may have missed. Find mentors, attend conferences in your field, follow like-minded people on social media (instead of viral celebrities), and enroll in programs designed to support you on your business journey – by people with experience in the same field.

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