September 16th: 3 Business Mistakes to Avoid

This 15-minute “The Fitness of Your Business” webinar will teach you how to overcome three business mistakes you may be making.

Can’t make it live? That’s ok! You will receive the recording afterward. 

  • PRE-CON | BUILDING YOUR BRAND 101: Are you ready to successfully establish your brand, attract your target market, and create the career you want? Join us for a 4-hour workshop that will help you build the foundation of your business, including your social media accounts based on your market and offerings. Walk away with a personalized business strategy and social media calendar to use Monday morning.
  • PRE-CON | MARKETING YOUR BRAND 201: Feel overwhelmed by the amount of systems, technology, and platforms needed to market your business? In this 4-hour workshop, we will dive into the best techniques, tips and tricks to take your online brand awareness to the next level. Leave with an efficient and effective plan to grow your audience, leads and clients. Let Jessica individualize your needs for you so that it really makes sense and you can feel comfortable and successful with the information she gives you. 


Special deal! Take both of these workshops together to experience your full potential. Build a business strategy that fuels your online presence in a smart and effective way. Learn how to create a content calendar fueled by your offerings and that speaks directly to your target audience. 8 hours ($159)

  • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH | LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Learn how to successfully run a virtual Group Ex class, Personal Training session and progressive program. Everything from start-up to sign off will be addressed to take your training to the next level. Understand the ins and outs of lighting, camera selection, and music. Discover techniques for proper business structuring, online queuing, music integration, money collection and legal responsibilities.  Leave with a blueprint for successful execution for all of your online, virtual programming.
  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH | SOCIAL MEDIA CERTIFICATION: Grow your social media following and build your personal and professional influence. Improve your image and increase your reach. Explore simple, usable and effective social media tricks and marketing tips. Join us for this 8-hour certification to learn how to launch your own online classes or expand your virtual studio. Address new ways to start your own live streaming personal training business or perfect your current programming. Review effective and ever-changing ways to master Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn with actionable items to start immediately to organize and create content quickly and successfully. This course is created to provide you with tools, techniques, and solutions to take your online life to the next level. Social Media is constantly changing and we continually update this course, so that whether you are new to social media or a seasoned veteran, you will receive the latest and greatest information. 

Join Nathalie Lacombe and Jessica as they discuss the future of the fitness industry in this interactive Q&A session on Monday, September 20th at 11:30am ET.

Download this 15-minute webinar "3 Ways to Spark Your Creativity" to get tangible tips for getting your creative juices flowing, no matter if you are a group fitness instructor, entrepreneur, or personal trainer.
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