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There is a recipe you can follow to attract clients and I’m excited to share them with you in a free Wisdom Workshop with Nathalie Lacombe on June 10th at 2pm ET. 

This interactive workshop will share with you the top 3 questions we are frequently asked:

  1. Is my market too niche or too much?
  2. Which social media platform is a must?
  3. Is it ok to turn away clients & classes?

Join Nathalie and me as we discuss the answers to these questions & help you plan what your next steps are to attract more clients. Make sure to RSVP to the free webinar here.

Are you ready for the next step in your fitness career? It’s time to break out of the (big) box (gym)! Revitalize, rebrand, and restructure your business with our How to EQ virtually live workshop on June 12th. Join ONLINE Marc Lebert, the inventor, Patrick Savoury – LTS Master Trainer and Jessica Maurer, the education director, as they show you how to take 10 simple EQ drills and create 100 new exercises to keep your clients coming back for more. This 4-hour workshop will give you the inspiration needed to build a more successful personal training, boot camp, and group fitness business.

FIVE SOCIAL MEDIA DOS AND DON’TS: From new platforms to confusing lingo to the ever-changing landscape of our online lives, the world of social media can be overwhelming. In this lecture, Jessica will break down the top five social media dos and don’ts, plus show you how to create a personalized social media plan that you can begin to implement on Monday. Learn the best apps, habits and tricks to use to boost your organic engagements without having to pay for ads.

PRE-CON | BUILDING YOUR BRAND 101: Are you ready to successfully establish your brand, attract your target market, and create the career you want? Join us for a 4-hour workshop that will help you build the foundation of your business, including your social media accounts based on your market and offerings. Walk away with a personalized business strategy and social media calendar to use Monday morning.

PRE-CON | MARKETING YOUR BRAND 201: Feel overwhelmed by the amount of systems, technology, and platforms needed to market your business? In this 4-hour workshop, we will dive into the best techniques, tips and tricks to take your online brand awareness to the next level. Leave with an efficient and effective plan to grow your audience, leads and clients. Let Jessica individualize your needs for you so that it really makes sense and you can feel comfortable and successful with the information she gives you. 

Special deal! Take both of these workshops together to experience your full potential. Build a business strategy that fuels your online presence in a smart and effective way. Learn how to create a content calendar fueled by your offerings and that speaks directly to your target audience. 8 hours ($159)

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