Simple Steps to Go From Frazzled to Focused

Between all the dings, pings, school schedules, Zoom meetings, and “moms,” I bet your life is highly reactive. Maybe your fuse is short. You are probably wearing all the hats, trying to run your own business in this new world, and maybe doing everything possible to survive. Trust me, there are simple steps to go from frazzled to focused.

We have all felt lost, overwhelmed, and manic as business owners. And that’s ok! While it can be normal to feel a bit underwater at times, it is not ok to feel that way constantly. You must find healthy coping strategies to help you find your center alignment again. 

Sure, people say, “Just find some you-time.” Um… okay… when exactly? Oh, just between the working, content creation, brainstorming, editing, training, connecting, and business building you are doing – not to mention your personal life obligations and responsibilities.

Let’s be honest: the idea of starting a new hobby or taking a day off to go to the spa probably seems daunting, not recharging. I get it—taking more than a few moments to focus on yourself can be difficult. However, incorporating small moments of mindfulness into your daily routine can make it more manageable.

Over the weekend, the amazing Elizabeth Lenart shared a post: “Recharge yourself as much as your charge your phone.” I really wish someone had told me that a decade ago. As a mom, business owner, employee, educator, instructor, and more, I constantly ran my personal battery levels dangerously low for years. My family, business, and physical & mental health suffered. I knew I needed to create more time for myself, I just didn’t know how (again, hello, I am a recovering “yes” woman.)

Finally, I realized I just needed to start smaller. 

I started to weave some of this coveted me-time into my typical daily activities. I found that just mindful me-time moments each day made me feel empowered and calm. I started to recover my strength, rebuild my relationships, and feel human again. 

Eventually, I started making more time for myself and my interests; but I didn’t start with 20-minute segments at a time. I started with short little bursts of mindfulness. I worked up my endurance, just as I would my fitness levels.

Here are 5 daily moments that will take you from frazzled to focused.

1. Tune Out

While doing chores like laundry or dishes, listen to your favorite music. Upbeat or familiar music you enjoy can trigger the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. This can elevate your mood and create positive feelings. Music can take your mind off stressful thoughts, whether it’s getting lost in the melody or focusing on the rhythm.


2. Lather, Rinse, & Repeat

A shower is a perfect way to cleanse your hair and body – so why not your mind? At the beginning of your shower, decide what you want to be for the rest of the day or night & create a mantra of “I am…..”. If you want to feel more energized, say “I am energized,” and repeat that to yourself as you lather in soap. If you want to feel calmer, say to yourself, “I am calm” or “I am peaceful”. For more information on mantras, please see the 7 Mental Health Exercises for Anxiety and Depression.

The key is repetition – keep repeating this to yourself as you lather, rinse, and repeat. As the soap is washing you clean, you are working to establish powerful pathways in your mind. It sounds silly right now, but we challenge you to try it for a week before you dismiss it. This practice is an excellent example of mindfulness for entrepreneurs, helping to reset and refocus.


3. Take 3

Before you eat or drink anything, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Feel your ribs, belly, and back expand. Focus on the pull and push of your breath. Relax your shoulders, jaw, and face. Just sit. You do not have to be doing something constantly. We are human BEings, not human DOers. Now, sip your coffee or eat your lunch. Yes, you should do this before you steal those leftover chicken nuggets off your kiddo’s plate.


4. Feel It

Your body is extraordinary. It functions without your consciousness being aware. While walking, pay attention to your feet and how they feel as you step and roll through them. Focus on your arms, gently swinging at your side. Feel your neck lengthen as you lift the crown of the head to the sky.

While sitting, focus on your spine, where it may be rounding or arching, and how the seat feels against your back.

While exercising, pay attention to each movement with the same focus you have been practicing with eating. What does each repetition feel like? How is your body connected to the equipment or the floor? How does the sweat feel on your skin?

Take a few moments to feel your body & listen to what it is experiencing. This attentiveness is a core aspect of mindfulness for entrepreneurs, fostering a deeper connection with oneself.


5. Celebrate Yourself

What is one amazing thing YOU did today? Did you take a step forward with your business? Did you ask for help when you needed it? Did you complete continuing education for your profession?

You don’t have to write this down in a physical journal. Write it on a post-it & store it on your nightstand, text them to a loved one, keep a list on your phone, or email it to yourself for future keeping. Before bed, take a moment to reflect & high-five yourself. You deserve it. Recognizing your achievements is vital to ensuring you appreciate your progress and efforts.

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