5 Ways to Make Time For Yourself

Posted on the FIT4MOM Asheville blog   “Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” – Deborah Day This quote speaks the truth. Often, we ignore spending quality time with ourselves, arguing that we have more important things to […]

5 Simple Tasks for Spring Cleaning

Posted on FIT4MOM Asheville Blog   Last month, Kerry Mayer of More Time, Less Stuff shared her cleaning & organizing tips at a Mama Meet-Up (on the first sunny day of the year!) for us. We ate delicious food, had great conversations as adults, and discussed how cleaning is all our of least favorite activities. Kerry had […]

5 Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

Guest Post from Samantha Kellgren on FIT4MOM Asheville’s Blog   I felt pretty awesome throughout my pregnancy. At first, I assumed it was mostly luck, but as the weeks went by, I realized this feeling was because of my actions pre-pregnancy & during. Although my workouts changed, I stayed active my entire pregnancy, even going […]

5+ Things to Do For Your Own Joy

Friday, March 1st, we are hosting a “Drinks, Dinner, and Discussion” book club at Archetype Brewing at 6pm to dive into “The Empowered Mama” written by Lisa Druxman. This book is more of a workbook than a reading endeavor. While Lisa provides great insight to her life and business, she really designed the book to […]

5 Things You Need to Let Go to Be Happier

Marie Kondo has taken over everyone’s homes by advocating getting rid of things that no longer spark joy in your life. Sure, cleaning out your house of physical items is refreshing, but have you inventoried your habits lately? As mamas, we seem to accumulate a lot of useless habits that drain us. We have friends, […]

5 Mama-Recommended Ways to Drink More Water

From the little ones’ feet hitting the ground to your head hitting the pillow, do you consume only coffee and wine? Because…I feel like that on most days. We all know that hydration is important to your health; While we think we are drinking enough water, most of the time we aren’t. If you are dehydrated, […]

5 Ways to Sneak in Movement During Your Day

No matter your stage of motherhood, fitting in exercise into an already slammed day can be a challenge. We all know getting in movement is crucial to our wellness and sanity, but how do we do that when it feels like we have no time? Instead of thinking of movement as happening alone (without kids), requiring […]

5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Injured

I am not going to lie…I am writing this to myself. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me as I lecture myself. Last week, I found out that I have a bruised, fractured, strained, and torn knee; I will skip the details. As an active mover, and someone who thrives off of getting a […]

5 Healthy Resolutions You Can Make Stick in 2019

The new year is a great time to reflect on your goals and implement new healthy habits. However, let’s face it, resolutions have a reputation for being a waste of time; and for the most part, big drastic changes are a waste of effort because they are not sustainable. We are sure you have heard […]

FIT4MOM Asheville

It’s always a great sign when a person who enjoys “working” goes quiet. I haven’t blogged in almost a full year and a lot has happened: a kindergartener, a move into town, multiple job projects, a life-evolution, new doors, good food, great company, planes, trains, and automobiles. I have not been out-and-about on the fitness […]

2 Workshops in Savannah, Georgia

I haven’t been to Savannah in years. I think it is time to fix that problem. Armstrong University Student Recreation Center is hosting me for 2 workshops and I couldn’t be more excited. Register here! Location: Armstrong University Student Recreation Center (11935 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31419) Kick Kamp: October 5th 6-8pm ($50) BOSU Skills […]

Lebert Fitness Training in Wisconsin

I love Wisconsin fitness professionals. It’s like my home away from home. This time, I will not be in Janesville at Gym Junkies, but rather in Wrightstown (Green Bay). I can’t wait to see all of your bright shining faces at these three workshops! Don’t have the equipment? No problem! We are providing the equipment […]

Break Through Ball Boredom

The stability ball has been a fitness staple for years. You’ve seen rows of them at your local gym, and you may even be sitting on one at your desk right now. Typically, when people see a stability ball, they immediately think of crunches on top of the ball or push-ups with your feet elevated. […]

Surge® Partner Play

Who says (core) training has to be so serious? Our Surge® Riptide “Partner Play” drills fuse the effectiveness of Hydro-Inertia® with elements of fun and engagement. Hydro-Inertia® training is the utilization of water to create a dynamic, unpredictable resistance that increases core stability and strength. Grab a Surge® Riptide, a partner and get ready to play with a purpose! All of […]

BOSU® Balance Drills

What does the word balance mean to you? Perhaps it means successfully standing on one foot for Tree Pose in yoga, or maybe it is more of the internet joke of “cupcakes and bacon.” However you define balance, we all know that it is vital to our health and fitness. In fitness, we define balance […]

Five Things I Am Digging Now

Happy Holiday Season, everyone! I am sure you are running on all cylinders right now, going from event to the store and back again. So I will try to make this blog post short, sweet, and holiday oriented. 1. Momentum Chrome Extension: This extension is super simple but incredibly effective. After you download the free […]

FLOW Friday: November 17th

At some point in our lives, we begin to think that it is our job to set others right. This may have started at 30, 45, or 6 years old. We think that our knowledge, our experiences, and our confidence is best for everyone when really, our thoughts don’t pertain to their lives. But since […]

Three Circuits for Small Spaces and Short Timeframes

For decades, the one-hour workout has been considered the only way to workout. How many times have you decided not to workout because you didn’t have a full hour to dedicate? It wasn’t until the last few years that people gave thought to a 30-minute workout. But if you look at the latest research, health […]

Three Ways Your Ego Covers Your Message on Social Media

Check your ego, amigo. It really couldn’t be a more necessary action to take prior to posting something online. Whether you are running a personality-based brand or simply having fun on social media, be wary of overly posting photos of yourself or content that screams for pure-attention (more on this later); sure, you may find […]

FLOW Friday: November 11th

Interruptions are a part of life. As I am sure you have experienced, there are no perfect 15 minutes. Sometimes when you are trying to focus, your phone is going insane, a dog is snoring loudly, or unexpected visitors appear. Sometimes when you are trying to meet a deadline, your husband interrupts, your health takes […]

Three Habits to Break on Social Media

Social media…for many of us, we can’t live without it. We are on it all day, every day, while ignoring other responsibilities. And for many of you, your social media accounts are your business. So let’s talk about three habits to break on social media; these are annoying habits you may be doing that is […]

FLOW Friday: November 3rd

One of the side effects of doing too much is developing monotone minds. We spend so much time in our work and in work-related activities that our awarenesses and our perceptions become narrower and narrower. We reach a point where we can’t talk about anything but our work and, if the truth is known, we […]

FLOW Friday: October 27th

The holiday season is funny. We ask and expect gifts; material items typically. We assume we are to also give material items as gifts to others. But if we honestly look at our lives (or closets, jewelry boxes, or storage units), we see that our lives are already full of material items. Overly full.  In […]

Trainer Tuesday: Alison Galvan of EnergyX Fitness

I had grown accustomed to being the youngest master trainer in most of my circles (eh…not so much anymore), and then I met Alison (Smith) Galvan. Her resume reads like this: a group ex instructor, personal trainer, health advocate, Lululemon ambassador, studio owner, and Master Trainer for BOSU.  Seriously, is there anything she doesn’t do? This […]

Three Tips for Social Media for Fitness Professionals

Social media has changed drastically over the past decade. From Friendster and Myspace to Facebook and Instagram, the platforms are constantly evolving; within those platforms, algorithms and features are updated monthly. And let’s face it, we can barely keep up. Just as you think you have “it” figured out, “it” changes. As a social media […]

FLOW Friday: October 20th

When I am stressed, I feel it in my stomach first. I am immediately grumbling, tossing, turning, and talking. I know that I need to relax, breathe, and sit alone when this starts to happen. And over the past few days, it has been happening a lot. Between family experiences, work deadlines, selling 1 of our […]

FLOW Friday: October 13th

We can only find happiness in ourselves. No one else and nothing else can give it to us. No amount of material items purchased or savory/sweet treats can create happiness for us. We try to find things outside of ourselves to fill us up and make us happy, but this feeling is short-lived. We think […]

FLOW Friday: Oct. 6

There is a quote from Leslie M. McIntyre that I have carried with me for years: “Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, good mother, good-looking, good-tempered, well-groomed, and unaggressive.” A work occurrence that happened last week […]

Technology for Interval Training

Right now, interval training is everywhere you look! Yes, we have been saying this for the better part of a decade, but this statement still rings true. Interval training protocols are included in everything from individual workouts to group fitness classes to personal training sessions. But what exactly is interval training? By definition, interval training […]

FLOW Friday: Sept. 29th

Sometimes we fail to see how important our practical actions can be. We long for the great inspiration, the important recognition, or the big breakthrough. Yet all of our lives are made up of common simple tasks that should and need to be done. When something is ordinary, we frequently fail to see its real […]

FLOW Friday: Sept. 22nd

We live in a society that praises material items. We are constantly told to buy more, even when we already have enough. Right now, advertisements are geared towards convincing kids they need more toys and adults that they need more clothes. But there are people in our communities who don’t have enough clothing to stay […]

Five Things I Am Digging Right Now

It’s fall. People are losing their minds in college football, boots, and PSLs. And while I try to deny it; I freaking love this “sweater weather” time of year. It may bring more painful sensations to my extremities and I may have to dress like it’s winter and not fall, but I do have some […]

FLOW Friday: Sept. 15th

So many of us live from one crisis to another; we are running from putting out fires all over our lives. We have become so accustomed to this lifestyle that we feel the most in control when we are “handling the situation.” But this habit is exhausting. Dealing with the crisis may be exhilarating but […]

FLOW Friday: Sept. 8th

When I sit to write a blog, I have a direction. I know what I want to share and why. But for my new FLOW Fridays, I want it to be more organic and become a space where I can just let my ideas flow…plus, an actual FLOW song for you to use at the end […]

Families that Move Together, Stay Together

It’s important to acknowledge that we need to change the way that we think about exercise. Gone are the days of the singular 1-hour workout per day. Instead, we should be focusing on movement throughout the day, from when our feet hit the floor until our heads hit the pillow. As parents, we are busy! […]

My Favorite Low-Impact Cardio Drills that You Can Do in Your Office

When you hear the word “cardio,” what do you think? Most people immediately think of running, burpees, HIIT, or other high-impact, high-intensity workouts.  But according to the American College of Sports Medicine, cardio, (cardiovascular exercise) is any activity that increases heart rate and respiration while using large muscle groups repetitively and rhythmically. And new research is […]

Two Easy Brussels Sprouts Recipes

I joke around a lot about eating Brussels sprouts and only Brussels Sprouts for my “single-mom” dinners, but in reality, it’s not a joke. Cut them in half, toss them into a steamer, and my dinner is ready in less than 10-minutes. Does it happen every time the hubby leaves for work? No, but it […]

Four Cardio Moves with a Bender Ball

While I am a group fitness instructor, I am a huge advocate of at-home workouts. I am actually just a huge advocate of working out where ever you feel the most comfortable. Sometimes getting to the gym, or finding daycare, or the idea of being around other people can be off-putting. And while I adore […]

Five Things I Am Digging Right Now

I will admit it; After creating newsletters and blogs for my clients, the idea of blogging for myself seems so daunting. I feel the same about social media and website upkeep. After spending “working hours” creating for others, I don’t want to practice what I preach. I spent the first half of the year, stepping […]

BOSU® Push-Up Pandemonium

Originally posted on BOSU.com Push-ups. Some people dread the word while others want to do 100 the minute their hands hit the floor. Push-ups are surprisingly functional as they challenge your entire upper body, while engaging other muscles in the body to act as stabilizers. In other words, push-ups give you a lot of bang […]

Trainer Tuesday: Lisa McNett

I first met Lisa McNett at the opening of a friend’s studio in Utah. I had heard about this Zumba loving girl who was also a Utah-transplant, but the person that I met exceeded my expectations. She was so full of energy and honesty, that I immediately gravitated to her. Five years later, I am […]

Millet is My New Jam

It’s official; I am in love. No, I am not leaving the hubby, but rather really enjoying Millet lately. Like a lot. What’s millet? Well, it is most often associated as the main ingredient in bird seed, it is not just “for the birds.” It’s a whole grain that is gluten-free, easy to make and […]

The Power of Slowing Down

Over the past year, I have been running. No, not hitting the pavement, but rather racing from deadline to deadline. Most of these projects were thrown haphazardly on my plate with unrealistic finish dates. I tried in full honesty. I stopped blogging (as you can see), I didn’t send newsletters as often, and I didn’t […]

5 Tips to Create Your Own Fit Pro Career Path

I like the idea of sharing where we started as fitness professionals. I have been asked (so many times) where, when, and how do you get started in this insane industry. I understand the need to have a reference point for people who want to begin teaching group fitness. But I have tried to write […]


I don’t post political statements on social media anymore. I don’t post beliefs, but rather experiences. I haven’t posted about my political experience since sharing that while voting for President Obama, I was harassed at the voting center by a man who told me that he could smell the evil on me and Mitt Romney […]

Get Out of Sticky Situations and Survive Horror Shows

We have all had that dream. You know. You show up to teach your packed class and your music won’t play, your cycling shoes aren’t in your bag and you’re naked. A few months ago Summer shared ways to survive those nightmares by always having your “instructor survival kit“, but what happens when even that […]

Trainer Tuesday : Amanda Mercer

When I first met Amanda Mercer at a Lebert Fitness summit, I was amazed at her energy level. She was just vivacious! Over the past few years, I have watched her continue to grow and prosper as she added studio owner to her resume that already included personal trainer, group fitness instructor and health coach. […]


It is that time of year again. The time where we forget about ourselves in order to make the holiday season perfect for other people. We forgo our workouts for dinner parties. Stress levels reach the roof as we forget to breathe. In a time where we should be reflecting on being thankful, we worry […]

Trainer Tuesday : Katie Benson

Most fitness professionals start their careers in the same fashion; they graduate from fitness fanatics to professionals. Usually, the fitness fan finds a class that speaks to their inner fire, they get certified, and begin teaching; but generally, that is where their journey ends. Not in this case. Katie went far past the ordinary. She went […]

Top 5 Mistakes When Creating Virtual Fitness Programs

For years now, I have been a huge advocate to coaching virtually and offering online programs. This isn’t just to create residual income, but because I believe you can positively influence a larger number of people by reaching them via the internet. I have had the privilege of creating numerous programs for other companies, fitness […]