Jessica H. Maurer is the Director of Operations & Product at FIT4MOM, where she provides extensive education and resources for all seven FIT4MOM branded formats to the franchisees and instructors nationwide. In addition to providing monthly sample classes and an extensive exercise library for each program, she curates and creates new learning experiences for the entire FIT4MOM nation, such as digital format certifications, educational courses on leadership and entrepreneurship, and consumer-focused brand awareness content. 

Additionally, Jessica is a fitness business consultant and strategist who has internationally presented and consulted for many brands. Her passion is helping fitness professionals & businesses reach their full potential through education, program & instructor development, and brand creation & awareness. Jessica has presented certifications and workshops internationally for IDEA World, SCW Mania, canfitpro, AsiaFit, FitnessFest, and more. Additionally, she continues to offer consulting services to locally owned-businesses and fitness professionals.

Areas Of Expertise

Are you looking to build a brand from the ground up? First you need to create your vision, brand awareness strategy, and business procedures to create your dream business.

From social media to blogs, free content to programs, Jessica can help your business establish itself as an expert in the field.