5 Ways to Attract the Right Clients

“Anticipated, personal, and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk.” – Seth Godin

The hot business-building topic of the last year has been “niche marketing”. The concept is all over social media, blogs, conferences, ok you get the point.

In fact, in almost every presentation I have delivered in the past 2 years, I have brought up a fishing analogy to drive home the topic. 

If you don’t know what fish you are trying to catch, you don’t know what bait to use nor what body of water fish. 

Yes, I know it may seem crude to relate clients to fish, but guys, it’s an analogy.

Here are 5 ways to ensure you are attracting the right clients. 

1. Know Who They Are

Again, know the fish you are searching for as a client. You have to know who you want to work with to speak their language, provide content they want to see, and offer programs directed towards their pain points in life. So be specific on their gender, age, interests, and living situations.  

2. Know Their Pain Points

People are looking for answers to their problems – be their solution. You need to understand what your target demographic is Googling at 2am in the morning to know what content and programming to provide. What are they struggling to accomplish, and how can you be the answer or solution?

3. Know Where They Live

Not all social media platforms are created equal. While you may appreciate one platform more than another, your client market may disagree. Research your market to find out where they live online.

4. Know Other Wellness Professionals

You are not Super Target; you cannot make everyone happy nor can you offer all the things. You have an expertise, a level of knowledge, and a scope of practice. Stay within your boundaries. Align yourself with other wellness professionals that close the gap on your limitations. That way, if a client comes to you searching for answers outside of your realm, you can refer them to someone else and, hopefully, vice versa. 

5. Know How to Learn

To be successful in the business of fitness, you need to know how to learn from others. Whether mentors, workshops, or certifications, you should learn from others you admire and trust. 

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