Jessica H. Maurer is the Director of Operations & Product at FIT4MOM, where she provides extensive education and resources for all seven FIT4MOM branded formats to the franchisees and instructors nationwide. In addition to providing monthly sample classes and an extensive exercise library for each program, she curates and creates new learning experiences for the entire FIT4MOM nation, such as digital format certifications, educational courses on leadership and entrepreneurship, and consumer-focused brand awareness content.

Additionally, Jessica is a fitness business consultant and strategist who has internationally presented and consulted for many brands. Her passion is helping fitness professionals & businesses reach their full potential through education, program & instructor development, and brand creation & awareness. Jessica has presented certifications and workshops internationally for IDEA World, SCW Mania, canfitpro, AsiaFit, FitnessFest, and more. Additionally, she continues to offer consulting services to locally owned-businesses and fitness professionals.



  • Mindy Mylrea
  • One Day to Wellness
  • SCW Fitness
  • Vice-President of GroupEx PRO
  • #VPAT for SFResources
  • Lebert Fitness Education Director
  • BOSU Lead Master Trainer
  • Hedstrom Fitness Master Trainer
  • FitSteps U.S.A.
  • Co-Creator of LOK Fitness
  • Savvier Fitness Master Trainer
  • Tabata Bootcamp Master Trainer
  • Barre Above Master Trainer
  • Flirty Girl Fitness Master Trainer
  • Urban Striptease Aerobics Master Trainer
  • Keli Roberts
  • Leslee Bender
  • Josh Crosby


  • canfitpro
  • IDEA World
  • IDEA Personal Training Institute
  • Asia Fitness Conference
  • Empower Fitness Convention
  • FitnessFest Conference
  • DCAC Fitness Conference
  • FIT4MOM Conference
  • Created SCW Marketing & Media Certification
  • Presented SCW Virtual Training Certification
  • SCW Personal Trainer APEX
  • SCW Certification Smash


  • SCW Innovative Program of the Year 2016
  • SCW Up-Coming Presenter of the Year 2016
  • SCW Favorite Female Presenter 2017, 2018, 2019
  • SCW Live Stream Mania Best Female Presenter 2021


  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Group Fitness
  • Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling
  • Barre Above
  • Balletone
  • Tabata Bootcamp
  • BOSU Fundamentals
  • Kamagon & Surge Training
  • Lebert Fitness
  • SCW Moms in Motion
  • SCW Sports Nutrition 
  • SCW Weight Loss Management
  • SCW Yoga 1
  • SCW Yoga 2
  • SCW Mat Pilates