Surge® Partner Play

Who says (core) training has to be so serious? Our Surge® Riptide “Partner Play” drills fuse the effectiveness of Hydro-Inertia® with elements of fun and engagement. Hydro-Inertia® training is the utilization of water to create a dynamic, unpredictable resistance that increases core stability and strength. Grab a Surge® Riptide, a partner and get ready to play with a purpose!

All of these drills can be completed with just one Surge® Riptide. While the first exercise demonstrates the drill with two, you can pass the Surge Riptide® between partners before lowering into a plank on the floor.

Partner Pass Off

Partner 1 begins in a plank position with hands on the Surge® Riptide (or with hands on the floor if using one Surge® ). Partner 2 begins standing with the Surge® upright in front of the feet.

Partner 2 completes a lateral shuffle to one side while tipping the Surge® Riptide down to the ground (with either the same or opposite hand of the direction of the shuffle as demonstrated by our two master trainers in the video). Repeat the shuffle to the other side. Partner 2 should finish a dictated amount of reps before lowering into a plank.

Once Partner 2 is in a plank, Partner 1 jumps from a plank to a squat and completes the same amount of repetitions of the lateral shuffle as Partner 2 did before jumping back into a plank.

Count the number of rounds that can be completed in 1 minute!

Roll Down to Roll Up

Partners sit facing each other with legs extended and feet almost touching. Hold the Surge®  Riptide between partners by either the neutral handles or the long handle.

Partners simultaneously roll or hinge down to supine and back up to seated, with one partner holding the Surge® Riptide each repetition and then passing it to the other partner. The Surge® can be lifted overhead while rolling down and up or can be held close to the chest for a regression.

Focus on core bracing, controlled movement, and water quiet throughout!

Rainbow & Roll

Partners sit facing the same direction (about 2 – 3 feet apart), with knees slightly bent, and the Surge® Riptide standing upright to the outside of Partner 1.

Partner 1 reaches across the body, picks up the Surge® Riptide and lifts it in a “rainbow” motion over the head and to the floor on the opposite side. Pause just before it touches the floor and brace the core when the water dumps.

Then, the following should happen simultaneously:

Partner 1 leaves the Surge® Riptide in the center, rolls to the outside and into a plank to perform a push-up, before rolling back to the sitting position.

Partner 2 performs the “rainbow” motion and water dump to the outside and back to the inside, before setting the Surge® Riptide back down in the middle.

Partners continue to alternate the two movements, focusing on core bracing throughout.

For more partner drill ideas using the Surge®, please see our blog “The Urge to Surge – Partner Style” (

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