Due to the popularity of this program, I releasing it again for 2017!

It is that time of year again. The time where we forget about ourselves in order to make the holiday season perfect for other people. We forgo our workouts for dinner parties. Stress levels reach the roof as we forget to breathe. In a time where we should be reflecting on being thankful, we worry about what we need to purchase next. BUT not this year. No, this year, you will be thankFLOW.

ThankFLOW is a 30-day program starting Nov. 1st and designed to help you appreciate your body, mind, and life. For 30-days, you will receive an email containing a 15-minute FLOW workout. FLOW is a fusion of yoga, pilates, and athletic stretching. No experience is required. No equipment is needed. There is no need to go to the gym or put on spandex. You can do this workout in your pajamas. The goal is to get stronger in your body as you increase your flexibility. You do not need to be flexible, and there are no pretzel or handstand positions.

This program is also designed to help you quiet your mind. Within each video, there will also be a few moments of breath, where we focus on shutting out the stress of the holiday season and reflect on all of the things we should be thankful for having in our lives.

Also, each week, you will receive a self- and community- service project that will help you respect yourself and the others around you. This project will not take longer than 10-minutes of your time but offer you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

If you are already a FLOW instructor, this thankFLOW contains songs you do not have you in your library yet.

Right now, you can get the entire month for only $49.

Are you ready to be ThankFLOW?

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