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I am Jessica H. Maurer. I am the proud owner of FIT4MOM Asheville and JHM Fitness, the website you are now visiting. Take a cruise around the site, where you will find blogs, recipes, more information about FIT4MOM Asheville, and more about me too!

I have the privilege of being the Vice President of Operations at GroupEx PRO as well as the #VPAT for SFResources. I am the social media manager and content creator for many fitness education personalities and brands, such as Mindy Mylrea, One Day to Wellness, GroupEx PRO and Keli Roberts. I have created "Done For You" content for fitness and wellness professionals, which you learn more about here.

I am the Director of Education for FIT4MOM. I am the Education Manager for Lebert Fitness; I was named the SCW Atlanta Mania Female Presenter of the Year for 2017 and was awarded Innovative Program of the Year and Up-and-Coming Female Presenter from SCW Mania California 2016!.

I have been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 15 years. I post videos, workout ideas, and fitness tips that everyone can use on my blog!

Questions? Please email me! I would love to answer all of your questions!

My Newest Blogs

Sticky Situations

Originally posted on We have all had that dream. You know. You show up to teach your packed class and your music won’t play, your tennis shoes aren’t in your bag and you’re naked. So let’s talk about real horror stories and how to deal with them! 1.Your iPod, phone, or tablet died. You […]

Interview with Jenn Hall

Originally posted on MyGroupFit Jenn Hall is an international dance and fitness presenter who loves her job. In addition to creating the LTS LeBARRE program, she is the Director of Education and Programs for Lebert Fitness. I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with her during the LTS Master Trainer Summit where I […]

Social Media For Dummies

Social Media is an umbrella term for digital tools that let you share information with a network of others. With social media, you can blog, share videos and ideas, chat, argue, keep in touch, and so much more. Socially driven sites have removed barriers that once stood between businesses and potential customers. Out of the […]