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I am Jessica H. Maurer and this is where I post all of my social media DFY content, fitness tips, information on fitness education events, recipes and so much more.

I have the privilege of being the social media manager and content creator for many fitness education personalities and brands, such as Mindy Mylrea, Leslee Bender, One Day to Wellness, and Keli Roberts. I have created "Done For You" content for fitness and wellness professionals, which you learn more about here.

I was named the SCW Atlanta Mania Female Presenter of the Year for 2017. I am a master trainer for Hedstrom Fitness and Lebert Training Systems; I am lucky enough to be the Lead Master Trainer for BOSU. I spend a lot of time on the road educating fitness professionals and you can check out my calendar here.

I have been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over a decade. I post videos, workout ideas, and fitness tips that everyone can use on my blog!

LOK Fitness was started in 2016, and I am proud to be the co-creator of this company. We offer online educational workshops to make you a better fitness professional. Plus, we were awarded Innovative Program of the Year and Up-and-Coming Female Presenter from SCW Mania California 2016!

Questions? Please email me! I would love to answer all of your questions!

My Newest Blogs

Trainer Tuesday: Alison Galvan of EnergyX Fitness

I had grown accustomed to being the youngest master trainer in most of my circles (eh…not so much anymore), and then I met Alison (Smith) Galvan. Her resume reads like this: a group ex instructor, personal trainer, health advocate, Lululemon ambassador, studio owner, and Master Trainer for BOSU.  Seriously, is there anything she doesn’t do? This […]

Three Tips for Social Media for Fitness Professionals

Social media has changed drastically over the past decade. From Friendster and Myspace to Facebook and Instagram, the platforms are constantly evolving; within those platforms, algorithms and features are updated monthly. And let’s face it, we can barely keep up. Just as you think you have “it” figured out, “it” changes. As a social media […]

FLOW Friday: October 20th

When I am stressed, I feel it in my stomach first. I am immediately grumbling, tossing, turning, and talking. I know that I need to relax, breathe, and sit alone when this starts to happen. And over the past few days, it has been happening a lot. Between family experiences, work deadlines, selling 1 of our […]

FLOW Friday: October 13th

We can only find happiness in ourselves. No one else and nothing else can give it to us. No amount of material items purchased or savory/sweet treats can create happiness for us. We try to find things outside of ourselves to fill us up and make us happy, but this feeling is short-lived. We think […]

FLOW Friday: Oct. 6

There is a quote from Leslie M. McIntyre that I have carried with me for years: “Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, good mother, good-looking, good-tempered, well-groomed, and unaggressive.” A work occurrence that happened last week […]

Technology for Interval Training

Right now, interval training is everywhere you look! Yes, we have been saying this for the better part of a decade, but this statement still rings true. Interval training protocols are included in everything from individual workouts to group fitness classes to personal training sessions. But what exactly is interval training? By definition, interval training […]

FLOW Friday: Sept. 29th

Sometimes we fail to see how important our practical actions can be. We long for the great inspiration, the important recognition, or the big breakthrough. Yet all of our lives are made up of common simple tasks that should and need to be done. When something is ordinary, we frequently fail to see its real […]

FLOW Friday: Sept. 22nd

We live in a society that praises material items. We are constantly told to buy more, even when we already have enough. Right now, advertisements are geared towards convincing kids they need more toys and adults that they need more clothes. But there are people in our communities who don’t have enough clothing to stay […]