5 Ways to Boost Your Daily Happiness

“Motherhood is a beautiful, wonderful gift… except when it’s not.” Rachel Hollis

Everyone’s journey into and during motherhood is different, and everyone will agree that the moments of joy and happiness outshine the difficulties. Just think of all of the firsts – kicks, steps, words, school days, and how much we all cherish those moments as a mother.

But let’s be honest: as we journey into motherhood, our own happiness can suffer. We all battle loneliness, being stretched too thin, and feeling overwhelmed. While we wouldn’t trade those precious memories of our children, we would certainly vote for more quiet, me-time when we are not being puked upon, pulled or picked at by our littles. Having a rough day, week, or stage of development? We hear you, mama. And we know that you cannot give more when your own happiness bucket is empty.

While we have already shared with you some great ideas for making time for yourself, here are some easy, short & sweet, actions you can easily scatter throughout your day to increase your daily level of happiness, no matter what stage of motherhood you have found yourself in lately.

1. Start with 10-Minutes

Yes, you are busy. Yesterday’s to-do list has bled into today’s and you aren’t sure where dinner is coming from tonight. But we know you can find just 10-minutes to unplug and fully focus on yourself, as long as you schedule it. Maybe this is 10-minutes before the kids wake-up or maybe it’s after they all go to sleep, but you need to schedule it every day. Now, what do you do in those 10-minutes is up to you. Perhaps read a book, have a private dance party, go for a walk, enjoy a cup of coffee or wine. Whatever it is, make time to do it for yourself.

2. Book Mini-Indulgences

We often think connecting with others will take a lot of time from our schedule. Date nights, girls nights, and self-date nights give us the impression of hours being spent away from home. Keep in mind that it is the connection that refills you, not the amount of time; Quality over quantity.

Date night does not have to be a movie and dinner with an over-priced babysitter. Should it be? Sure, sometimes. But sometimes, it can be sitting on the porch watching the fireflies while talking. Girls night can be a facetime date while each of you are in bathrobes and drinking wine in bed.

3. Dance It Out

Music can be the ultimate mood booster. While you don’t have to dance around your house (although we strongly recommend it), playing your favorite tunes is a great way to boost your happiness levels. Create multiple playlists for yourself to play on the days you know you experience often, like the “I need something stronger than coffee but weaker than cocaine” or the “Family Dance Party” playlist.

4. Talk to Someone

Call your mom. Take a fitness class with your BFF. Visit with your neighbor. Make time every day to talk to another adult human – and try to not talk about Paw Patrol, Pokemon, or Mindcraft. Conversations are wonderful ways to remember that you are a person, not just a mother. Socializing may seem daunting, especially if you are a stay-at-home mama, but you need it to refill your own well of happiness.

5. Turn Off Your Phone

Oh, we are so serious. At some point in your day, every day, turn off the phone for at least an hour. No, we don’t mean at the end of your night; we mean sometime DURING the actual day. Disconnect from social media, pings, texts, alerts, etc. Take this time to be fully present with your current activities, whether that is cooking dinner as a family, having a mini-indulgence with your husband, or playing outside with your children. Put down the phone and walk away.