5 Realistic Self-Care Tips for Right Now

You can’t pour from an empty cup.” – Every Motivational Speaker Ever

We know, we know, we know… self-care is important to your mental wellbeing. But can you find any time for yourself right now? Yea…neither can we. Between homeschooling, being personal chefs, working from home, and just trying to survive, it’s hard to prioritize “me” time.

So let’s be realistic. How can you squeeze in some self-care during this chaotic time? Here are 5 realistic self-care tips for right now.

1. Get Dressed

Start your day off on the right foot by getting out of your PJs. Sure, put on daytime PJs or put on “real” clothes. But just changing your clothes can help you reimplement a structure and schedule to make you feel a bit more normal.

2. Move

Yes, move, groove, and sweat every day. But don’t worry about intensity. Right now, be happy if you can walk your driveway a few times. Need some creative ideas to get moving? Check out this short blog: 5 Ways to Change How You Think About Exercise, and all of our blogs on short workouts with or without your kiddos. Or choose to join us in our virtual workouts in May!

3. Call Someone

Only talking to your kids every day may not satisfy your needs of socialization and human interaction. Set up a zoom call with your mama friends. Call your family on facetime. Make an effort talk to other humans every day.

4. Skip the Guilt

Yes, we usually advocate limiting screen time, but that’s been thrown out the window. Put on a show your kid loves and go take a mama timeout – without any guilt. Your timeout can include a guided meditation (use your your earphones, mama, a chapter of a good book, or your own Netflix show. Most importantly, skip the guilt.

5. Get Outside

The sun is a powerful happiness generator. Go sit outside & blow bubbles for your kids while they run around. Walk around your house while your kids nap. Have picnics. Make the choice to go outside and enjoy the sun!