5 Dance Party Mama & Me Moves

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Grab your little and put on your dancing shoes. Ok, really this isn’t a hard dance, but it is 10-minutes of fun movement created by the kiddo himself! Prepare to rainbow & milkshake with us!

Just for reference, we filmed this in 2020 and I am shocked at how much my kiddo has grown! Oh.My.Gosh.


Stand with your feet wide. Reach your arms up and around to one side, ending with your hands on one of your thighs and both knees bent. Reverse the arc of your arms to change sides. To see this in action, start the video at :38.

Clap High & Low

Clap above your right shoulder and then left. Squat down and clap towards your right hip then left. See this move at 1:24 in the video.

Tap Front “Squishing Bugs”

Tap your toes forward, alternating sides. Try tapping towards the corners and even walking forward as you tap. This move starts at 1:38


With your feet out wide, squat and lean forward, circling your arms down & to one side, ending with one arm straight and one bent. Reverse and end on the other side. See this at 2:35.


Shake your knees while your upper body goes crazy! Mainly, have fun with this move! See our version at 3:45.

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