SCW WEBINAR: Social Media Series- Instagram

When the Great Pause of 2020 started, SCW Fitness jumped at the chance to innovate and evolve. Not only did they quickly change their live certifications and MANIAs to online virtual experiences, but they also began providing free educational webinars to all fitness professionals. 

I have been honored to be a presenter on the SCW webinar series. From speaking about social media to sharing my thoughts on the future of online programming, I connected with so many amazing fellow presenters and fitness professionals across the nation. While presenting has been a total blast, I have enjoyed watching these webinars as well and have learned SO.MANY.THINGS. in such a short amount of time. 

In the 45-minute webinar below, Abbie Appel, Sara Kooperman, Liz Morrison and I chat about the past, present, and future of Instagram. We share our personal tips, tricks, and truths as well as discuss where we think the app is going next. 

SCW continues to provide free webinars on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as access to previous webinars. Trust me, this is an industry asset you cannot refuse. Make sure you register at the pop-up on this page to receive all of the goodies – like the Social Media Series on Facebook.

I know you are going to want to know MORE when this webinar is over. That’s exactly why I am leading 2 upcoming SCW Certifications at Cert Smash on September 17th & 19th. 

  • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH | SCW VIRTUAL TRAINING CERTIFICATION (4-hour certification): Learn how to successfully run a virtual Group Ex class, Personal Training session and progressive program. Understand the ins and outs of lighting, camera selection, and music. Discover techniques for proper business structuring, online cueing, music integration, money collection and legal responsibilities.  REGISTER NOW
  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH | SCW SOCIAL MEDIA CERTIFICATION: Grow your social media following and build your personal and professional influence. Improve your image and increase your reach. This course is created to provide you with tools, techniques, and solutions to take your online life to the next level. Social Media is constantly changing and we continually update this course, so that whether you are new to social media or a seasoned veteran, you will receive the latest and greatest information. REGISTER NOW

If you sign-up for these certifications before September 1st, I will be sending you my “THE FITNESS OF YOUR BUSINESS WEBINAR: 25 WAYS TO REUSE YOUR ALREADY-CREATED CONTENT” FOR FREE.