Educational Offerings

2-Hour Social Media and Business Lectures

Social Media Tips, Tricks, & Facts: Do you know when to send an email to ensure customers open it? What’s the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile? Learn about social media, the latest statistics and much more during this session! Unlock the secrets to blogging, email lists and how all of these tools can help build your business.

Utilizing Fitness Technology: With the ever-expanding technology industry, it is easy to be confused about where to put your money. This lecture will discuss the latest fitness gadgets and how these toys can become tools to help you obtain and retain clients.

There’s An App For That: Photo and video content is what drives social media platforms, but to be effective on social media, you need to understand how to create and edit content that attracts your tribe. Learn how to use the best apps, filters, hashtags and programs to create your own efficient and powerful online marketing campaign.

Just the Basics: From new platforms to confusing lingo to the ever-changing landscape of our online lives, the world of social media can be overwhelming. In this lecture, we break down the basics of the top three fitness related platforms and create a personalized social media plan that you can begin to implement on Monday.

Five Steps to Your Own Signature Class: Ready to create your own class that will stand above the rest? Learn how to create a systematic method of class creation in 5 simple steps. This method allows for you to create endless program designs that are adaptable to all levels of instructors and participants. From choreographed-driven classes to mind-body formats, this system will allow for you to create programs that are original, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective.


Lebert Fitness Workshops

The Ultimate Guide to EQualizer Training: Are you looking for some inspiration and new ideas for your personal training clients, small group training members, group fitness classes, or even your own personal workout? Then, this is the workshop for you! Learn the unique exercises created by using the Lebert EQualizer®, plus ways to revamp your current exercise library. Review simple and effective progressions and regressions to easily enhance all exercises to fit your clients’ personal needs. You may have experienced the Lebert EQualizer® before, but this workshop will vastly expand your knowledge of this versatile piece of equipment. Revitalize your workouts with our innovative 4-hour workshop. (4-Hour Workshop. CECs from ACE, AFAA and canfitpro)

Grab a Buddy System™ – Taking Partner Training to the Next Level: Are you ready to evolve your small group training, bootcamp classes, and personal training clients? Then grab a Buddy System™ and take your functional partner training skills to the next level! The Lebert Buddy System™ is a completely portable, multi-planar, efficient and flexible training tool! It creates work for participants via Cooperative Reciprocal Resistance (C.R.R.), which is completely unique to the Buddy System™! Within this 4-hour workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about using this versatile piece of equipment in any fitness setting. (4-Hour Workshop. CECs from ACE, AFAA and canfitpro)

Low-Impact Smart: Joint-Friendly Workouts for Specialty Populations: This session will demonstrate how the Lebert EQualizer® and Buddy System™ are wonderful tools to assist with rehabilitation exercises, special needs and older adults with gentle impact options. Learn the best of yoga, physical therapy, and kinesiology with simple and effective progressions to easily enhance exercises to fit your clients’ personal needs. You’ll leave with a new perspective on how to use LTS equipment to deliver amazing results without negative stress on the body. (2-Hour Workshop. CECs from ACE and AFAA)

Mobility, Stability, and Flexibility with the EQ®: We all know that mobility, stability and flexibility training is vital to one’s overall health; but you may lack the knowledge and ideas to execute this training effectively. This workshop will expand your fitness toolbox and exercise library while demonstrating how the Lebert EQualizer® can assist with these exercises. Learn the best patterns from yoga, pilates, and functional movement for mobility, stability, and flexibility with simple and effective progressions and regressions to easily enhance exercises for all fitness abilities. You’ll leave with a new perspective on how to use the Lebert EQualizer® for all aspects of your fitness training. (2-Hour Workshop. CECs from ACE and AFAA)

OCR Training Ideas & Strategies: Are you ready for your first Obstacle Course Race or are you training a group of OCR athletes? Then grab a Buddy System™ and Lebert EQualizer® to take your OCR training to the next level! This workshop will take you through numerous training styles and exercises that will prepare you for the obstacles typically seen during races. Take the guesswork out of your training and prepare for your best race season yet. (2-Hour Workshop. CECs from ACE and AFAA)


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