LOK Fitness strives to introduce you to class formulas that you can easily implement into your current classes or sessions, as well as additional classes you may wish to add to your schedule. We wanted to share our class formulas while remaining cost effective and continuing our method of educating fitness professionals, which is why we created two online training workshops: LOK Fitness FLOW and LOK Fitness Kick Kamp and an equipment resource library: ToyBox Library. Through a series of videos, you will learn the FLOW or Kick Kamp formula, experience a master class, learn about proper regressions and progressions, and have access to our continuing choreography. In less than 2 hours, you can revamp your current classes and become a better instructor from the privacy of your own home.


To the average group fitness participant, yoga can be quite intimidating. Soft music, long poses, and strange words are qualities that are not inviting to the ever prevalent "Type A" personality that we see most often in the gym. However, stretching and breath work is exactly what these people need to add to their fitness routines. 

In FLOW, we introduce a new type of dynamic stretching method that focuses on upbeat music and allows the instructor to use whatever style of stretching they know best. This is not a discipline, but rather an easy way to introduce basic athletic stretches and yoga positions to the average gym participant. Feel free to use this method as your cool down in your strength classes, put it on your group fitness schedule as an independent class, or teach a few songs to your one-on-one clients.

During the workshop, you will learn the differences between static and dynamic stretching, as well as discuss the benefits of both styles. We will explore how to move to the beat of the music in single or half time and the best methods for creating playlist for your classes. This workshop will also discuss proper baseline movements and methods for regressions and progressions to ensure that everyone feels successful in your classes.

FLOW allows you, as an instructor, to find your own style of movement. Whether you have 200 hours of yoga specific training or no hours whatsoever, this instructor workshop will guide you through developing a class following 4 simple steps, selecting your music for class, and show you ways to introduce this format to your current schedule. Purchase this online workshop here.

Kick Kamp

Cardio kickboxing is an amazing workout; it trains your cardiovascular system while strengthening your core, legs, arms and back. 

In recent years, the focus of group fitness kickboxing classes has evolved into a dance-like, choreographed workout, which leaves many participants falling behind the rest of the class. It's time to revolutionize cardio kickboxing by simplifying the choreography so the class can concentrate on form and intensity, instead of fancy footwork. 

Kick Kamp is a three-hour instructor workshop that will teach you how to simplify your cardio kickboxing class without sacrificing intensity. The class format is the perfect kickboxing and bootcamp fusion, alternating between kickboxing drills, total body exercises, and core strengthening movements.; during the instructor training, the LOK Fitness Educator will teach you how to create this format, cue properly, and add progressions where it is appropriate.

While this class is not intended to train you in a martial art form or for a fight; however, it does channel classic kickboxing movements into a challenging, yet fun workout. Register for this online workshop here.

ToyBox Equipment Library

LOK Fitness University strives to introduce you to class formulas that you can easily implement into your current schedules, such as FLOW and Kick Kamp. We also want to provide you with resources on how to use equipment in smart, safe, and efficient methods. This is why we created the ToyBox Library.

The Library is an ever-growing catalog of equipment videos for you to use for your classes or clients. The catalog contains links and videos for the following:



  • Bender Ball
  • Gliding Discs
  • Medicine Ball
  • Lebert EQualizer
  • Bodyweight
  • BOSU Balance Trainer
  • Kamagon
  • Surge
  • and more.

There is only a one-time fee of $50 for access to this ever-growing resource library. No hidden fees. No mandatory renewals. One-time fee.

These videos were created by JHM Fitness and are shared with permissions from specific companies.