Lebert Fitness Training in Wisconsin

I love Wisconsin fitness professionals. It’s like my home away from home. This time, I will not be in Janesville at Gym Junkies, but rather in Wrightstown (Green Bay). I can’t wait to see all of your bright shining faces at these three workshops! Don’t have the equipment? No problem! We are providing the equipment for you. All you have to do is register and show up!

October 20th at Evolve Health & Wellness, 202 Plum Rd. STE. A, Wrightstown, WI, 54180. Register here

10-12pm | OCR Training Ideas & Strategies: Are you ready for your first Obstacle Course Race or are you training a group of OCR athletes? Then grab a Buddy System™ and Lebert EQualizer® to take your OCR training to the next level! This workshop will take you through numerous training styles and exercises that will prepare you for the obstacles typically seen during races. Take the guesswork out of your training and prepare for your best race season yet. $40 early bird (by October 6th) & $50 Regular.

12:15-2:15pm | Low-Impact Smart: Joint-Friendly Workouts for Specialty Populations: This session will demonstrate how the Lebert EQualizer® and Buddy System™ are wonderful tools to assist with rehabilitation exercises, special needs and older adults with gentle impact options. Learn the best of yoga, physical therapy, and kinesiology with simple and effective progressions to easily enhance exercises to fit your clients’ personal needs. You’ll leave with a new perspective on how to use LTS equipment to deliver amazing results without negative stress on the body. $40 early bird (by October 6th) & $50 Regular.

2:30-4:30pm | “Mobility, Stability, and Flexibility with the EQ®” : We all know that mobility, stability and flexibility training is vital to one’s overall health; but you may lack the knowledge and ideas to execute this training effectively. This workshop will expand your fitness toolbox and exercise library while demonstrating how the Lebert EQualizer® can assist with these exercises. Learn the best patterns from yoga, pilates, and functional movement for mobility, stability, and flexibility with simple and effective progressions and regressions to easily enhance exercises for all fitness abilities. You’ll leave with a new perspective on how to use the Lebert EQualizer® for all aspects of your fitness training. $40 early bird (by October 6th) & $50 Regular.

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