FLOW Friday: Sept. 22nd

We live in a society that praises material items. We are constantly told to buy more, even when we already have enough. Right now, advertisements are geared towards convincing kids they need more toys and adults that they need more clothes. But there are people in our communities who don’t have enough clothing to stay warm this coming winter. There are children with only a single stuffed animal to comfort them as they travel from home to home. There are so many people living in need, not in want.

So this weekend, I challenge you to clean out your closet. Take 5 minutes (set a timer on your phone. Don’t fall in the rabbit hole) and pick out a bag that you haven’t used in one year. This can be a book bag your children no longer use, a large purse that is “out of style” or a gym bag that you forgot you owned. Choose one bag to donate.

Now, choose one shirt that you have not worn in 1 year. We all have those items in our closet that we think we will wear, but really, we never do. If you haven’t touched it in 1 year, or you notice that you have 6 plain black t-shirts, put it in the bag. Check out your pants collection. Yes, you will lose the weight and fit into those skinny jeans again. But it may not be this winter. Haven’t worn them in a year? Goes in the bag. Do you really need 15 pairs of socks? Can just 1 pair go to a new home? Of course, they can.

Put the bag in your car. Don’t put it in the trunk because you will forget about it. Put it in the floorboard of the passenger seat. Every day, you pass people on the corner asking for help. There are safe houses for abused women and children in every community. Homeless shelters are always asking for additional items. Choose the location that speaks to your heart and donate your bag.

Toys. Clutter. Junk. Stuff. It is everywhere. It fills our desks, drawers, closets, and home. So after you have packed your bag to donate, you are going to find 5 items to donate. What items? It doesn’t matter! Find 5 items that you haven’t used in a year. These items can be on your desk, on your bookshelf, in your kids’ rooms, in the kitchen, or even in your garage. Find 5 items.

Now, donate those 5 items to a service in your area such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Easter Seals, Deseret Industries, your church, or your daycare. Sure, some of these companies will resell the items for a small profit, but these companies are known to give back to the community by hiring people other employers would not, hosting events for the less fortunate, and donating items they have multiples of to other associations.

The daycare at the gym where I teach is always looking for books and toys for children. I try to take 5 items every few months to the center for the kids to enjoy. In the past few months, I have asked the kiddo to help me pick out the toys or books. I have explained to him that if he’s done playing with it, then we should share with other kids to make them happy.

Now, don’t you feel better?

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