Five Things I Am Digging Now

Happy Holiday Season, everyone! I am sure you are running on all cylinders right now, going from event to the store and back again. So I will try to make this blog post short, sweet, and holiday oriented.

1. Momentum Chrome Extension: This extension is super simple but incredibly effective. After you download the free extension, your default page when you open the browser or a new tab will be a beautiful geographical photo and inspirational quote with the time quite largely displayed in the center of the screen. You are asked to enter your main focus of the day so that it is displayed clearly on your screen each time you open a new tab. Once you have completed this task, you can mark it complete and enter in your next task.

I find that this season inspires me to multitask far too often; I jump from amazon to my tasks to writing and back to amazon. I am surprised at how much this simple extension has slowed me down from multitasking! It is a wonderfully beautiful reminder of my priority each time I try to open a tab to get off course.


2. Easy Fruit & Veggie Appetizer: Most of the time, I find that I do not want to eat appetizers at gatherings; cheese and crackers are not my style. But these skewers are my jam. I made them for Thanksgiving and the family and I snacked on them for days.

  • Diced Roasted Beets
  • Sliced Roasted Carrots
  • Chopped Raw Granny Smith Apples
  • Dried Cranberries

Sure they do not look like much and I wasn’t exactly in a great place to focus on showcasing these little guys.

I roasted the beets and carrots (450 degrees for 20 minutes for the carrots and 50 for the beets) while preparing other Thanksgiving foods.

Once they cooled, used toothpicks to skewer the vegetables with the fruits. It was easy and delicious.


3. Creating Social Media Bundles: It’s a bit selfish to put my own products on this list, but I just can’t help it. I have greatly enjoyed creating bundles of graphics and captions for others to use on their social media accounts, in newsletters, on blogs and in private groups. You can use these bundles to establish yourself as a wellness expert, run a private group to build relationships, or just for your own knowledge. Feel free to buy these as a gift for the wellness coach in your life. Check out:

Years ago, I created content similar to these programs for Tabata Bootcamp trainers to use in their private bootcamp groups and now, life has come full circle as I am back to creating content for others to use!

And there are more to come! In the next few weeks, I will be releasing 14 Days to a Healthier New You, Quote Bundle, Monday Mantras, and Questions for Feedback. Stay tuned and follow me on facebook or Instagram to know when these are released. Ok, the shameless self-promotion is over. Let’s carry on…


4. The Hedstrom Fitness Team: I was lucky enough to spend the last three days with the Hedstrom Fitness team. We are the education creators and providers for the BOSU® brand and the Hedstrom Fitness line of products (like the Surge® Storm and the Kamagon® Ball). So after three days, I certainly can’t walk but the overall experience was fun! Thanks to my teammates who shared great content, fun times, and good laughs! I hope to see you all soon!



5. Less is More: I love Christmas decorations. I love having the perfect tree, decorating as a family, and being nostalgic about certain practices. This year, my husband cut down a tree from a good friend’s yard. This tree is the adult version of the infamous “charlie brown” Christmas tree. It is stringy (if you can imagine that), and it doesn’t even resemble the Christmas tree of my youth. The night we decorated, I hated it. It’s not my idea of a tree. But the ugly thing grew on me.

It took me a while to realize that what I like about Christmas is not the picturesque family rendition of the holiday. I, nor my family, are very traditional. So I am focusing on the fact that it isn’t about the items; it’s about the memories. And we had an amazing time decorating the tree while drinking wassail and listening to Penatonix. My love isn’t for the tree, but for the experience.

And since I haven’t seen my tree since Sunday, I will admit that I do miss the ugly thing…

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