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Cupcakes and jeans. I rarely give an interview or lecture without using these learning lessons- ok, jokes. 

Want to know how to make your fitness program or education system more engaging and memorable? 

Curious about the differences in live, virtual, and digital learning journeys?

Just want to hear some bad jokes?

I invite you to listen to this short 20-minute webinar between myself and Cam Jenkins on behalf of Lebert Fitness. Cam is an amazing host who easily kept our conversation flowing. 

Take a listen to the podcast here.

Want a sneak peek? 

Cam: I have the Lebert Equalizer bars, the EQ bars, and I’ve had them for a little while now. What can you teach a person or educate a person on about a piece of fitness equipment they have had for say three, four or five years?

JHM: I like to look at it in terms of cupcakes. A squat, is a cupcake, right? And so it is always going to be a cupcake. However, the way you perform a squat can change the flavor of your cupcake. The little bit of cueing that you might do that’s different than the time before is giving you a different icing. Then on top of that, there’s a way that you can add a variable that either increases or decreases the intensity and those are like sprinkles or cherries on top of this cupcake.

Every time you teach a squat, you are inevitably giving someone a different style of cupcake.

A squat is a squat is a squat, but you can change the recipe in order to make it look different, taste different, feel different, so that your clients are always either being challenged or they’re always thinking that they’re learning a new pattern. Their brain sees it as the same mechanical function, but they internalize it as something new and something different.

So, education can really teach you that, okay, you’ve got the foundation part, you know you need these ingredients, but let’s mix it up and change your recipe slightly so it appears that you are giving somebody a different cupcake, when really and truly you’re teaching them how to squat. Education is a great way to expand your toolbox, expand your own personal library, reinvigorate something that you may have thought boring in the past and present new information to your clients.

Did I mention I am co-leading the upcoming How to EQ workshop on June 12th at 11am ET?

As I say in the podcast, “It really puts everything together, like in a nice little package, that’s really what we’re teaching. We’re not just teaching sets and reps. We’re actually teaching you the science behind the equalizer and why external rotation is so important at one point, why pushing in on the bars is so important at some point, how to properly set up the equalizer in order to get the most beneficial, efficient exercise as possible. If you don’t understand the why behind the exercise, you’re never going to fully get the full benefit of the exercise. You’re just going to get up close to it, but never really fully experience the magic of what the equalizer can do.

We’re so excited because we’re going to be teaching 10 different foundational EQ IQs. So, 10 different tips and ways of using the equalizer. However, we’re going to show it to you in a way that ends up creating a hundred different exercises based on just these 10 little pieces of information on how to use equalizer.”

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