5 Tasks to Stop Doing Right Now

“Sometimes our stop-doing list needs to be bigger than our to-do list.” ― Patti Digh

Overwhelm is a feeling I struggled with for years. I am an enneagram type 2, so my internal dialogue & desire is to help people. For years, I was addicted to saying “yes”. I taught over 30 movement classes a week because I couldn’t say no. I took on more work than I could successfully do because I couldn’t say no. I drowned in the pings and dings and bells and whistles. I had no boundaries & my self-worth became tied into other people’s perception of me. 

Do you feel that way too?

Hi, I am Jessica, and I am a recovering “yes” woman. 

Want to hear the good news? Overwhelm is normal but also unnecessary. You don’t need to feel stretched so thin. You don’t need to feel panic when you wake up each morning. You don’t need to stress about doing all.the.things. 

There is a better way.  

I was lucky enough to present at IDEA PTI earlier in March of this year. In years past, I presented at this conference on behalf of companies like Lebert Fitness and BOSU; this year, I skipped the spandex in favor of a business lecture on Digital, Virtual, and Live offerings for personal trainers. I used my past experiences, failures, and successes to fuel the conversation surrounding using technology to help build offerings that allow people into your business on their own time & terms. And I shared a lot of tips and tricks of things to stop doing, how to lighten your workload, and where to decrease focus. Here are 5 big takeaways from my lecture “Digital, Virtual, Live, Oh My” at IDEA PTI that will help you decide what to stop doing right now. 

1. Stop Trying to Be Super Target

Listen, I adore you. You are amazing. But you cannot be everything to everyone. There are people in the world who don’t like or need your flavor – and that’s ok! It’s more than ok. Instead of attempting to please everyone by offering everything – which exhausts you – find YOUR people & speak directly to them. Offer programs, classes, and sessions that make you happy while answering your target market’s pain points. If it doesn’t bring you joy, dump it (that goes for clientele and offerings).

Not sure how to narrow it down? That’s ok! Nathalie Lacombe and I created a 21-day online coaching program to help you build your brand & attract more clients – including ways to decide who you are, who your target market is, and how to reach them. Give it a shot today.

2. Put Less Focus on Social Media

…And more focus on building your email list. Yes, this is the hot topic right now for every business strategist. If Mark Zuckerburg woke up tomorrow and decided to turn it all off, could you still communicate with your target market? There are a ton of different email services out there to find the one you like the most.

3. Dump the Manual Follow-Up

Systems and technology can be your friends if you take the time to set them up correctly. Dive into your email service and see what type of automation you can create. Can you build a drip campaign that nurtures new clients, so you don’t have to remember to follow up? Can you create an abandoned cart email for your store? Can you send a gift email if someone unsubscribes from your list? Take some time to build it all now, and then let it happen automagically. Not sure what to use as content? Read on!

4. Skip Creation Overload

If you created something magical, don’t hide it. Reuse it! Don’t teach a killer good workout just once, Recycle it! If you put together an excellent training plan, Reduce your workload and create a lot of content from it. There are so many ways you can make magic once and then Repurpose it for other means. For example, if you taught the best barre class ever, film it in short segments & send it to your clients as a surprise & delight email series. Use the content to fuel a blog of your favorite lower body endurance exercises, then repurpose that content for social media posts. One class can make a lot of content. 

5. Forget It

As mentioned above, if none of this brings you joy, forget it. Well, kind of. Hire a social media manager to take care of your content. Partner with other fitness professionals to share blog writing. Find an online manager to take care of setting up your system. You are not an island – don’t try to be one. Asking for help is a sign of greatness, not weakness. 

Are you ready to learn more? Join me for the SCW Social Media Certification Sunday, May 23rd where I will be sharing more tips and tricks designed to make your life simpler, easier, and less stressful.

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