5 Tricks to Make Social Media Easier

“My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.” – Francine Jay.

Did you hear that rumor about me? Well, it’s true – I am not the best at being productive, spinning all the plates, and keeping my head above water. I have posted the wrong content on the wrong account. I have missed deadlines and submitted less than stellar work. I have wasted money on social media ads. My career in the fitness industry has waxed and wanned, just like I am sure yours has. 

What am I good at doing? I have become great at dusting myself off, getting back to work, and moving forward. I have learned that one of my most vital traits is resiliency. But what does this have to do with social media? You are here to read about ways to make social media easier for you. 

In the SCW Social Media Certification (this Sunday, btw), I share all of my mistakes and lessons so you won’t make the same missteps. I am transparent, honest, and direct throughout the training to make your life easier, your schedule more productive, and your business successful. Through my hiccups, I have learned these multiple tricks of the trade. Here are 5 tricks to make social media easier. 

1. Know When You Are Going to Post 


Before you even start to create social media content:

  1. Look at your insights (on whichever platform you focus on).
  2. Decide when is the best time to post your content based on those insights.
  3. Add a 15-minute meeting with yourself every day in the calendar you prefer to use 
  4. Don’t book over it, don’t skip it, and don’t forget to set an alert on the meeting. 

Not only will you post at this time, but you will spend some time interacting with your community as well. But more on that next.

2. Schedule a Time for 3Cs

Now, choose a time on the opposite side of the day to schedule another 15-minute meeting with yourself. This time is for your 3Cs session: Connection, community, and camaraderie. Social media is social. You are “rewarded” when you comment, share, and tag others. However, studies show that when you log into social media multiple times during the day, your self-esteem decreases drastically, as does your productivity. Limit yourself by focusing your intention when you log into the platforms. 

3. Decide Who You Are

Branding and templates can be your best friends and resources if you use them properly. Build your brand: colors, fonts, voice, & style. Make a declaration of who you are so you can skin templates to look and feel like you. The less choice you offer yourself, the easier (and quicker) it is to make decisions.

4. Batch Create

I can’t get through a single presentation without talking about cupcakes… Do you bake one cupcake at a time? No! You make 12 (at least). Well, make multiple social media posts at once. Batch your creativity and store it all for later use.

5. Use Resources

You are not the only person on social media who is confused or struggling. There are workshops, podcasts, blogs, and companies that educate people on social media usage and creation. I love Social Media Examiner & conventions like SCW Live Stream MANIA, where I can learn from the tech & fitness spaces’ big brains. 

Speaking of which, are you ready to learn more? Join me Sunday, February 28th & we can conquer tip #5 together. The SCW Social Media Certification is an 8-hour training that will answer your questions about establishing your business on social media, how to navigate platforms, and where to spend your money. By the end of the course, you will have created your own strategy to implement next week! Plus, it’s only $99 & comes with CECs from ACE & AFAA. Will I see you there?

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