5 Tips For Moving Forward in Your Career

If you work in the fitness or wellness space, you probably slapped band-aids on your business last year. You made quick decisions on prices, platforms, technology, and schedule to keep yourself engaged with your clients. And now, you may be regretting your choices. It’s ok; you aren’t alone. Most of us are in the same boat.

Now, we are all finally coming to terms with the fact that virtual offerings are not going away. One year ago today, I gave the Keynote Speech for the SCW MANIA in DC called “Sense of Selfie” (watch it here!). In that speech, I spoke about why we as fitness professionals needed to diversify our offerings so more people could experience our businesses without being together in person. Virtual and digital coaching were trends many companies were preparing for over the last decade. These services didn’t just start in March of 2020. This demand has been bubbling for a while, and 2020 caused it to explode.

So maybe you are asking yourself: Can I backtrack? Can I rip off the band-aid of 2020? Should I move to another website, service, platform? The questions can seem overwhelming. Here are 5 tips for moving forward in your career.

1.Slow Down to Speed Up

One of my mentors told me this adage multiple times, and I admit that I never fully understood until I was forced to slow down last year by my physical and mental health. Slowing down can help you regain your footing, bring you clarity, and help you establish healthy boundaries. Stop thinking you have to make significant changes right this second. Instead, step back, slow down, and create a plan. Breathe. You rushed last year, so don’t rush now. Rest is radical (thanks to Selena Isles for that tip)


2. Establish Your Purpose

I am sure you have heard that your “why” should fuel your “how.” Last year, your mind probably revolved around the fear of the unknown: Who am I if I don’t instruct or coach? Fear shouldn’t be the fuel. I challenge you to create your purposeful why statement this week. It’s probably changed from pre-pause, during the actual pause of 2020, and now. Take some time to recognize the evolution, sit with it for a while, and then use this fuel to light your next fire. 

Not sure how to start this process? Let me help you! Nathalie Lacombe and I have launched our “7 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients “ – 21-days of coaching to establish your purpose, expertise, target audience, and more. The brand you will build will immediately save you time & make your decisions clearer. A strong foundation sets you up for success. Find out more here or enroll for $49 here.


3. Express Your Dream

Strong vision and mission statements will help you create a roadmap to your next steps. These statements share your goals for the future & how you are going to get there. If you can’t state your end goal of what you want to accomplish, it will be hard to figure out your next steps.


4. Educate Yourself

The world is literally at your fingertips. You can find virtual conferences, master classes, and workshops to teach you about topics that interest you and your target market. Business strategy, better cueing, virtual teaching tips, and social media tricks, I promise you someone teaches people how to conquer the same issues you are having. 

Looking for an online workshop? Join me during any of my live or recorded sessions here

Looking for a conference? Join me at these amazing conferences – virtually or live in person.


5. Hire a Coach

You don’t have to be the expert in all things! You need to align yourself with those who are the experts in their field. Find the coach that speaks to you and work with them to craft your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. An outside source can help you eliminate the waste, streamline your services, and see roadblocks you may not see just yet. Just as a therapist does for your personal life, a business coach can help you move past your career hurdles. Did I mention that Nathalie Lacombe and I have launched our “7 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients”


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