5 Take-Aways From SCW Social Media Certification

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  Benjamin Franklin

While spending 8 hours talking about social media may not sound fun to you, I can say that it is. Once a month, I get to lead the SCW Social Media Certification, where I show fitness professionals tips, tricks, and methods to creating meaningful connections and communities on social media. Last Friday was one of those events and I had a TOTAL.BLAST with the attendees. Which, by the way, we missed you…

In case you weren’t there or need a recap, here are my 5 big take-aways from the course.

1. Know Your Lane

Before you start creating posts, sit down and have a real honest brainstorming session with yourself. What are your areas of expertise? Now, be specific! Pick 5 buckets where you feel knowledgeable and have your social media presence focus around those topics.

2. Fish Where Your Fish Are

Not every social media platform is created equally – especially in demographics! Use the platforms your target client demographic members are using, even if it is not your personally preferred platform.

3. Apps & Software

If you aren’t already using an app or software to create your content, what are you waiting for? Amazing programs like Canva, OVER, and PicPostPlay will make your life easier. Trust me.

4. Use Templates

Using the plug & play templates on the above-mentioned apps is always quicker and easier than creating content from scratch. Decide on branding basics like colors and fonts then use templates to your advantage.

5. Be a Planner

Don’t try to create, craft, and post all in one swoop. Pre-plan your content, captions, and hashtags. Be strategic so that each post speaks to your message & brand.

Ready to learn more, specifically how to integrate all of these habits? Join me on Sunday, Feb. 28th as I lead the SCW Social Media Certification again! You can register here for only $99. Earn CECs, create your own content calendar, & learn how to stop spinning your wheels. See you soon.

Go forth and conquer,


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