5 R-Words to Help You Thrive in 2021

“Productivity tips: work hard on stuff that matters. Don’t work on stuff that doesn’t matter. Most people screw up the second part.” Sam Altman

I bet when you saw “R-Words” in the title, you thought of retention or revenue. Nope. Not this time. 

This list encompasses R words that will save you time and effort, help you stay consistently on brand, and attract the right clients to your business. 

Today, I had the opportunity to be a guest on a podcast about my upcoming workshop at IDEA World. I was asked what I am most excited about in my career right now, and the first thing that came to mind was the word “THRIVE”. I enjoy helping other people find a life where they feel they are thriving – both professionally and personally. I love helping people reach their full potential. 

When I reflected on what makes my life thrive & the lessons I most often share with clients, these 5 words continued to appear. I hope these reflections (oh there is another one…) can help you in your career as well.

Here are 5 R-words to help you thrive in 2021.

1. Recycle

If you created something magical last summer, guess what… it’s still magical. For some reason, we as fitness professionals believe we have to make something incredible and then throw it away after one use. Whether it is a class, training session, social media post, or email to a client, if you spent time creating it – and it was great – recycle it. Use it again. Sure, maybe tweak it a bit, but then use it. 

2. Repurpose

Within the same mindset as above, try to find many different purposes for what you create. If you write a book, use quotes as your social media posts. When you teach a fantastic class via Zoom, slice and dice it to create a blog or repost it as an on-demand class for our clients. Use your recipes to create an ebook to download. Repurpose what you are making to generate more content quickly that is on brand, consistent, and establishes your voice.

3. Receive

Feedback can be challenging. Sometimes, we can shut out the advice that would help us grow because we find it hurtful. Be open to receiving feedback, guidance, tips, tricks, and truths – especially when it comes from people who have already walked in the same path as you. Don’t just sign up with a coach or mentor; listen to the advice and follow through with their recommendations. 

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4. Resources

We should all be students. Stay curious, my friends. Take trainings from fitness leaders (like Lebert Fitness’s How to EQ 4-hour workshop on June 12th), enroll in certifications, online educational programs, webinars, and conferences. Show your clientele that you are investing time, effort, and money in yourself and your business. You are improving, so you can help them do so as well.

5. Review

I am sure you have heard of SMART Goals; yes, you should be working towards a goal you can track & attain. Your actions online should also be trackable to see the forward progress towards the goal you have set. Study your social media insights. Review what posts and times are doing well for your efforts. Track how many people are visiting your website or joining your email list. Don’t just assume you are doing well or not. Look at your numbers. Review to see what is working, what isn’t, and what changes you can make moving forward.

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