5 Mistakes You Are Making on Social Media

“Recognize that there will be failures, and acknowledge that there will be obstacles. But you will learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, for there is very little learning in success.” – Michael Dell.

Dang it, I did it again. I started chasing likes and attention on social media. I started watching my insights too much and reloading apps to see my views go up…or not. I launched a new idea on social media, then got upset when it didn’t perform as I wanted. I put way too much emphasis on who was unfollowing me and not enough on the new follows.

I lecture during workshops, conferences, and client meetings to not fall into any of those traps; yet, I did. It happens. These mistakes can damage your confidence levels & give you an unwanted and unwarranted inferiority complex. Not to mention, it ruins the fun of social media. 

In addition to the mistakes listed above, here are 5 mistakes you are making on social media and how to fix them.

5 Mistakes You Make Be Making on Social Media

1. Comparing Yourself to Others

Let’s start with the big one. You have to stop comparing yourself to others – on and off the internet. Have you stopped to ask yourself what your goals are for social media? If you don’t know WHY you are working so hard on something, it makes it harder to understand your purpose. We all tend to go to an irrational place in our mind that tells us our lives are not measuring up; it is time to let that shit go. You are not inadequate as an entrepreneur – you are just comparing yourself to the fakeness social media presents. Create your own goal & work towards it with small steps. 

2. Inconsistent Branding

We live in an instant gratification society. People don’t want to search for a secret, witty, or hidden meaning behind your program, business, or social media name. They want to be able to identify your business by colors, themes and messaging. Stay consistent. Keep your branding clear. Be concise in your wording. 

3. Creation Overload

If you created something magical, don’t hide it. Reuse it! Don’t teach a killer good workout just once, Recycle it! If you put together an excellent training plan, Reduce your workload and create a lot of content from it. There are so many ways you can make magic once and then Repurpose it for other means. For example, if you taught the best barre class ever, film it in short segments & send it to your clients as a surprise & delight email series. Use the content to fuel a blog of your favorite lower body endurance exercises, then repurpose that content for social media posts. One class can make a lot of content. 

4. Random Posting

Remember, dependability encourages loyalty, and consumers purchased based on trust, credibility, and loyalty. Set a schedule and stick to it as often as possible. Your followers will begin to expect you in their feed on certain days. But here’s the big secret: stick to it. Don’t try it for 2 weeks and then give up. Instead, stick to your schedule for at least 8-weeks and then reevaluate your efforts.

5. No Follow-Up 3 business mistakes to avoid

If you aren’t using social media for SOCIAL purposes, you are missing the point. You need to be responding to all messages and comments with actual responses, not just emojis. Try spending some time interacting with your followers. 

This idea goes beyond just social media too. Systems and technology can be your friends if you take the time to set them up correctly. Dive into your email service and see what automation you can create for people who visit your website. Can you build a drip campaign that nurtures new clients? Can you create an abandoned cart email for your store? Can you send a gift email if someone unsubscribes from your list? Take some time to build it all now, and then let it happen automagically. 

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