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It’s always a great sign when a person who enjoys “working” goes quiet.

I haven’t blogged in almost a full year and a lot has happened: a kindergartener, a move into town, multiple job projects, a life-evolution, new doors, good food, great company, planes, trains, and automobiles. I have not been out-and-about on the fitness scene quite as much as I have been in years past; much of my work-focus has been “behind the scenes” & I wanted to spend more time with my family & friends in this amazing town. But something…something has been missing…

Over the past 15 years, I have found extreme joy in creating communities of like-minded people. I like to bring people together for a party, whether that is based on wine, food, board games, or movement. Sure, I have built social media based communities for other companies, but my true joy has been creating wellness communities; People who like to have fun, get a little sweaty, laugh a lot, and try new (and maybe crazy) “experiments” in movement & food. While in college, I started a small group personal training course (only it was just called bootcamp back then…) at Middle Tennessee State University, where I was the lead personal trainer and group fitness instructor. The MTSU Bootcamp ladies and gents were dedicated (especially the noon ladies) and those classes were easily one of the highlights of each week. I still have the going-away gifts they gave me and think often of those basketball gym workouts. Thanks, Jerry.

Life took me away to California, where I started online group personal training as well as established another course in the Bay Area. We weren’t meant to stay in San Fransisco long, so a year later, we relocated to Salt Lake. I started the process over again with my company THRIVE at the Salt Lake County Parks and Rec. Heather, Tess, Maggi, Kendra, & Beth: I cannot thank you ladies enough for building that program with me. Creating those courses in Salt Lake led me to meet some of the most incredible people (CHAMP) and hear heartwarming stories of friendships (plus planks in the snow text messages).

And then, I started ‘stalking’ women while they were at work; I wasn’t really stalking, just teaching bootcamp in their office conference room. My noon bootcampers still have my heart and I love continuing to ‘stalk’ them on social media (you all know who you are). Whether they realized it or not, they were my social circle at a time when I didn’t have a lot of female companionships and a newborn (then a toddler as we continued to train together). While still running these “Shape-Ups” I continued to run online wellness programs like “ThankFLOW”, “Steps” “Core Flow,” and more. If you participated in one of my online courses, Thank You! I have always enjoyed creating and filming those projects in whatever home I was living.

When we moved to Asheville, I didn’t jump back into teaching or training. I turned my focus to learning the ins & outs of the fitness industry from Shannon Fable, who taught me more about business, partnering, bitching, & writing (don’t judge her for this blog, though) than I thought possible. Then she ‘dragged’ me into a new project: FIT4MOM. Years ago, I had asked to get involved with this company, but I was not yet a MOM. Fast-forward a few years and now I am helping establish new educational courses, building exercise libraries, and working with a team of hilarious moms. I started thinking:

  • I really like these fitness classes
  • And their marketing is really inclusive (which I was craving in the fitness industry)
  • Asheville doesn’t have a community quite like this…
  • Man, I was working out with my kid in a stroller alone in Salt Lake; a group fitness class would have been really fun.

I presented at their FIT4MOM conference earlier this year, where I met franchise owners and instructors who were incredibly welcoming to this new kid on the block; they made this ‘stranger’ feel like family. The amount of support was overwhelming at moments. Of course, I came home determined to open my own FIT4MOM franchise, complete with live and online programs, some of which are group fitness classes (drop in & come when you can) and some of which are small group personal training sessions (register for an entire 8-week program). And I wanted my FIT4MOM to include an online wellness community that bled into the real world with community activities, playdates, potlucks, and volunteer opportunities.

So…drumroll, please…I would love for you all to meet FIT4MOM Asheville.

Classes begin January 7th. We are launching with Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre (Barre at the Bar at Archetype Brewery), & an 8-week Body Back Transformation program, which is also a fundraiser for Jones Elementary PTO. We will be adding more classes each month, with plans to also launch online-based programs like Run Club+ and MamaWell.

Join me on this journey, would ya? Head over to the website and join the newsletter; I won’t spam you, I promise! But I will keep you updated with movement, self-care, mindfulness, & nutrition tips, plus when new classes or online programs are added to our schedule. Give us a like on facebook & turn on notifications to get the latest and greatest news. Follow us on Instagram too!

In the Asheville area? Become a Founding Mama (one of our first mamas) with the purchase of a monthly membership of unlimited classes for only $60. Since we won’t start classes until January, I will ensure that your membership isn’t effective until then. Not into commitment? We also offer 10-class passes and single class passes. What about a free class? Here’s one for you

So, here we go. Another exciting adventure. A new manner of bringing like-minded people together. A community of moms at every stage of motherhood – even if that is pre-thinking-of motherhood, adoption minded, or rocking grandmother-hood. Everyone is welcome in my world; I mean, this is Asheville after all.

If you have reached this part of my blog, thank you for reading. I can’t wait to start this new endeavor with you by my side, whether that is as a member of FIT4MOM or just a supporter. Thank YOU. We start rolling in January. See you all then!

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