Break Through Ball Boredom

The stability ball has been a fitness staple for years. You’ve seen rows of them at your local gym, and you may even be sitting on one at your desk right now. Typically, when people see a stability ball, they immediately think of crunches on top of the ball or push-ups with your feet elevated. Are you bored with those classic exercises? Don’t worry! There is so much more you can do with this piece of equipment! Especially, if your stability ball is actually a BOSU®Ballast® Ball and you have a workout partner.

What is a BOSU® Ballast® Ball? This ball is made of burst-resistant material and contains 2.5 pounds of load, creating a multi-dimensional training tool. The ballast, moving smoothly inside of the ball, provides additional weight as well as auditory and visual feedback during exercises and drills.

The following drills can be executed with a traditional stability ball or a BOSU® Ballast® Ball. If you are using the Ballast® Ball, you are going to notice that the workload is increased, making the drills more effective, efficient, and fun.



Partners stand facing each other about 4 feet apart with the ball on the floor between. The following happens simultaneously:

  • Partner 1 holds a squat while rolling the ball in a complete circle around the body
  • Partner 2 squats, lowers into a plank, walks back into a squat, stands, and extends the spine

When Partner 1 finishes rolling the ball around the body, and Partner 2 finishes extending the spine, Partner 1 passes the ball to Partner 2 and roles are reversed.



Partners face each other in a lunge position about 4 feet apart

  • Partner 1 holds the ball in a static lunge while Partner 2 completes two jumping lunges
  • Partner 1 tosses the ball to Partner 2
  • Partner 2 then holds the static lunge while Partner 1 completes the jumping lunges

To progress this drill, increase speed and range of motion.



Partner sit on the floor about 4 feet apart in a V-Sit position with the ball on the floor between

  • Partner 1 picks up the ball, “rainbows” it overhead and slams it on the floor to the outside, then rainbows it back to the inside and passes it to Partner 2
  • Partner 2 repeats the movement, slamming the ball to the outside and lifting it back to the center to pass the ball again

To progress this drill, lift the feet off of the ground in the V-Sit.

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