5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Injured

I am not going to lie…I am writing this to myself. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me as I lecture myself.

Last week, I found out that I have a bruised, fractured, strained, and torn knee; I will skip the details. As an active mover, and someone who thrives off of getting a good sweat, being injured is the absolute worst! Especially, if the injury takes you away from doing the movement style that you love…

Injuries sideline all of us. And because of these setbacks, we can fall into the mentality of all or nothing: I can’t do my favorite workout so I just won’t do anything to improve myself while I am hurt. But, that’s not a way to live. Frustrated with doing nothing but sitting on the couch yesterday, I started researching ways other mamas continued on their wellness journies while injured. I created a plan for myself and I am welcoming you all to join me, whether your body is broken or not.

Dealing with an injury too? Here are 5 ways to stay healthy while injured.

1. Focus on Hydration
When you are active, you tend to drink a lot more water. It’s a habit we tend to associate with sweaty activities and we skip drinking ample amounts of water when not moving. While you may not be able to get a really great sweat, you still need to hydrate. Focus on drinking half your weight in oz. each day. Add fresh fruit, your favorite tea, or some fresh herbs to your water to stay hydrated all day.

2. Eat Well
Just because you can’t work out to your desire, doesn’t mean you can starve yourself or gorge yourself on a pint of ice cream. Assess your current eating habits: Are you a constant snacker? Do you eat enough fresh produce each day? Are your recipes stuck in a rut? Now is a great time to reinvent your eating habits. Personally, I found that I am a constant snacker since I was accustomed to snacking around my teaching & exercising schedule. Now, I am focusing now on listening to my stomach more and the clock less.

3. Remember, You Have Other Body Parts
This may feel like a “duh” moment for you, but it was a lightbulb for me. While wallowing in the fact that I can’t walk, squat, climb, lunge, etc, I forgot that I have an entire body that can move! My arms can still lift; My core can still do a lot. Sure, I can’t practice yoga or walk around the lake right now, but I can practice pull-ups on my climbing fingerboard. So, change your idea of “exercise” and focus on the body parts that you have that can still move.

4.  Self-Care
Bring on the massages! Sure, you should be foam-rolling, stretching, and getting massages whether your are active or not. This is a great time for your body to heal and recover everywhere, not just your injury. Go ahead and book that spa day; you still deserve it.

5. Change Your Activities
So maybe you can’t partake in your weekly family hike or afternoon walk, but there are other things you can do with your family, right? Let the family go outside while you try that new recipe you have had your eye on or finish the craft project you have had in the closet since 2015. If you are feeling left out, start an additional weekly tradition that includes something you can do while hurt. Try a new hobby, join a trivia team, or take a gentle pilates class. Keep yourself busy so you aren’t moping, devouring Netflix shows, or constantly shopping online. Focus on being productive.

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