5+ Things to Do For Your Own Joy

Friday, March 1st, we are hosting a “Drinks, Dinner, and Discussion” book club at Archetype Brewing at 6pm to dive into “The Empowered Mama” written by Lisa Druxman. This book is more of a workbook than a reading endeavor. While Lisa provides great insight to her life and business, she really designed the book to be an active journal with many prompts for you to brainstorm, record your thoughts, and participate actively in your learning journey.

Many of the activities are very beneficial to all mamas, whether you are a stay-at-home, TTC, or working CEO. One of the sections is about finding time for yourself. We all know when mama is not well (healthy or happy), the family itself is not well. As a mother, you probably feel like you are juggling everything and constantly doing something, which is usually for someone else. Take a look at your to-do list for the day; is there anything on it that is purely for yourself?

You shouldn’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself, although many of us struggle with that concept. Incorporating small doses of “me” time can recharge your batteries, improve your productivity levels, help you discover your voice, and allows for joyful movements each day. Typically, we focus on taking care of ourselves in a physical and healthy manner: we exercise, drink water, and eat well. Rarely, do we dive into the daily small things you could do to bring more happiness to your life. Sure, the big picture health items can help you feel amazing, and you should incorporate healthier habits into your life. But if you are struggling with finding time to fit in a full workout or the energy to cook a great meal for yourself, you are not alone. There are many of us who don’t feel like we have the time to do the larger, health-oriented tasks. So flip your conversation to focus on happy, not just healthy.

You can be the fittest, most hydrated, cleanest eater on the planet, but if you aren’t bringing happiness to your life, you aren’t healthy. Happy moves past the physical actions of taking care of yourself, like eating well and drinking water, and spreads into the sphere to mental and emotional work. Here is my question for you: What are your short daily rituals that you to keep yourself sane and happy? What are the things that you do for your own joy?

Here were my 5 joyful daily moments:

  1. Laugh (listen to Jim Gaffigan or Mitch Hedberg or watch a funny video),
  2. Dance (usually while cooking),
  3. Listen to music (that is not Disney oriented),
  4. Smile at a stranger (pay it forward, right?), and
  5. Contact a family member.

Creating this list made me wonder what other mamas were doing during their day to spark a bit of joy, so the FIT4MOM Asheville Founding Mamas and in our facebook group (want to join us? it’s free and open to everyone. click here) and here are their amazing answers:

  1. Read for your own pleasure (Not Dr. Suess),
  2. Say three compliments to yourself,
  3. Pray/meditate for 5 minutes,
  4. Drink a hot cup of coffee while sitting down, and
  5. Hug someone.

And now, I want to know your answers! What small thing do you do daily that sparks joy for yourself? Comment here or come to our meet-up Friday and let’s chat.

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