5 Simple Tasks for Spring Cleaning

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Last month, Kerry Mayer of More Time, Less Stuff shared her cleaning & organizing tips at a Mama Meet-Up (on the first sunny day of the year!) for us. We ate delicious food, had great conversations as adults, and discussed how cleaning is all our of least favorite activities. Kerry had some great insights on how you could easily organize your home & life to alleviate the pain of “yuck,” “where is…” and “why is there junk everywhere.” As a mom of three kiddos, she is a wealth of knowledge & very insightful on how to clean up your life. Here are her 5 simple tasks for spring cleaning you can start using right away! 

1. Tackle Your Junk Drawer: If something doesn’t have a home, it doesn’t belong in your home. We all try to ignore these problem drawers in our houses, but really, it will take you a max of 15 minutes to declutter, toss, or put away the items in your junk drawer.

2. Closet Seasonal Clean Out: If you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it. Sure, thrift stores are great locations to donate unwanted items, but think of other places that need additional clothing items such as homeless shelters & city schools.

3. Create a System for Papers: Once you have decided on a system, stick to it. Papers & mail should not be allowed to pile up in multiple locations in your home or on your desk. Pick 1 location & bonus points if you purchase an organizer to use in that location so you can keep tabs on what’s coming in, going out, needs to be done, etc.

4. Have a Toy Library: We all have far too many toys for our kiddos. Buy a storage bin & split the toys (books, puzzles, games, etc) into 2 sections. Keep half of the toys out (in designated places) while you store the bin away for 2-3 months. When you bring the bin out, switch out the toys. Bonus: donate the toys that were “out” to local preschools or daycare centers if they were not played with during their time out of the bin.

5. Add a Sunday Reset: Sunday night is a great time to look forward over the next 7 days. What starts or ends this week? Are there extra extracurricular activities scheduled? Schedule your workouts, check your food supplies to make a grocery list, and do your laundry. If you prepare on Sunday, you can conquer Monday-Friday.

Do you have any additional tips you wish to share? Post them in our FIT4MOM Asheville mamas facebook group!

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