2 Workshops in Savannah, Georgia

I haven’t been to Savannah in years. I think it is time to fix that problem. Armstrong University Student Recreation Center is hosting me for 2 workshops and I couldn’t be more excited. Register here!

Location: Armstrong University Student Recreation Center (11935 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31419)

  • Kick Kamp: October 5th 6-8pm ($50)
  • BOSU Skills & Drills for Group Personal Training Certification: October 6th 10am-4pm ($129 before 9/21; $159 after
  • Together $159 early, $179 regular

Kick Kamp: Cardio kickboxing is an amazing workout; it trains your cardiovascular system while strengthening your core, legs, arms and back.

In recent years, the focus of group fitness kickboxing classes has evolved into a dance-like, choreographed workout, which leaves many participants falling behind the rest of the class. It’s time to revolutionize cardio kickboxing by simplifying the choreography so the class can concentrate on form and intensity, instead of fancy footwork.

Kick Kamp is a three-hour instructor workshop that will teach you how to simplify your cardio kickboxing class without sacrificing intensity. The class format is the perfect kickboxing and bootcamp fusion, alternating between kickboxing drills, total body exercises, and core strengthening movements.; during the instructor training, the LOK Fitness Educator will teach you how to create this format, cue properly, and add progressions where it is appropriate.

While this class is not intended to train you in a martial art form or for a fight; however, it does channel classic kickboxing movements into a challenging, yet fun workout.


BOSU Skills & Drills for Group Personal Training Certification:  If you love the BOSU® Balance Trainer and have been searching for innovative ways to incorporate this evergreen tool into small group training programs, this certification is for you! Not only will you walk away with a toolbox full of new skills, drills, and activities perfectly suited for the small group clientele, but you’ll also learn how to create compelling programs that are easily packaged, promoted, and purchased. You’ll learn to accommodate a wide variety of clients in a small group setting while ensuring the workout is customized to meet each client’s needs. Whether you want to deliver cardio, integrated strength, core, dynamic mobility, balance and agility, or all of the above into a results-based, monetized program, BOSU’s got you covered!  Participants will receive the BOSU® Skills & Drills for Group Personal Training Workbook.

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