Trainer Tuesday: Lisa McNett

I first met Lisa McNett at the opening of a friend’s studio in Utah. I had heard about this Zumba loving girl who was also a Utah-transplant, but the person that I met exceeded my expectations. She was so full of energy and honesty, that I immediately gravitated to her. Five years later, I am so glad that I did. For today’s Trainer Tuesday, I am introducing you to Lisa McNett

Meet Lisa McNett

Lisa started as a dance instructor at a local community center; her manager saw her potential and asked that she earn her Zumba license. From there, Lisa began teaching weekly classes but really feels that her fitness career started when she took a BOSU Balance Trainer certification (from me, which was awesome!). But she didn’t stop after two fitness education courses; Lisa continues to add to her education list by attending workshops and certifications yearly. Lisa now teaches a variety of classes from online Tabata Bootcamp to a Kids Movement Class designed for kids on the autism spectrum, like her own son. Having taken a few classes from her, I can tell you that Lisa has this amazing calmness to her high-energy; as strange as that sounds, she seems so peaceful while demanding sweat-tastic movements.

She has taught independently as well as an employee for established fitness centers. As a mom of 2 little boys, she is always looking for ways to keep them healthy and active, which means she takes them to her classes and created her own virtual bootcamp series for other busy people, just like herself. I was lucky enough to co-create an at-home workout program called Kicking Tabata with her in January of this year, fusing together Kick Kamp and Tabata Bootcamp.

From a hobby as a dance instructor to a fitness entrepreneur, Lisa shows us that you don’t have to go over-the-top with your career, you just have to make decisions based on your own lifestyle.


What She’s Doing Right

Did you read the paragraph above? She created a BOSU program for kids on the autism spectrum. I remember when she told me her plans for the class and the daily work she was doing with her son to prepare. My respect grew even more for her. How perfect!

From her own experiences with her son, she realized that there was a lack of movement experiences offered for kids on the spectrum in her community. She didn’t just complain about it; she was proactive and created a class for her son and others like him. Every April, she participates in area fundraisers for the ACU in the Salt Lake City region to bring awareness to the cause through movement.

If you would like to reach out to Lisa, please follow her on facebook and visit her website, where you can find out more about her at-home virtual bootcamps and live classes.


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