The Power of Slowing Down

Over the past year, I have been running. No, not hitting the pavement, but rather racing from deadline to deadline. Most of these projects were thrown haphazardly on my plate with unrealistic finish dates. I tried in full honesty. I stopped blogging (as you can see), I didn’t send newsletters as often, and I didn’t enjoy my work.

In January, I made a Wellness goal, which you can see below.

We settled in Asheville, NC in February of this year. I was seeking a better balance between work and play. I didn’t exactly find it. Instead, I found too much work and too much play with no time for myself; no wellness goal was accomplished. I couldn’t say “no” to anything and life continued to spiral.

If you have ever felt an extreme rush to finish a task, you know exactly how sloppy you can become. My work suffered, not just for the client who demanded unrealistic deadlines, but for clients I genuinely love to work alongside. When I am overly stressed and busy, I make careless mistakes; I am not productive. From spelling mistakes to broken links, I just wasn’t producing material that I wanted.

I finally had a realization that I was struggling with a lack of time. I was so overwhelmed with the feeling of rushing, that I wasn’t giving anything my full attention. Instead, I was working on 5 projects at the same time, thus only offering 1/5th of my brain to each. In March, took a giant breath and slowed down. I started saying no to work projects I really didn’t want to do. I began turning away clients and I dropped my duds, as a very smart woman once coached me to do. The best part, I found a job that is stable and has taught me so much already.

For a few weeks, I was thriving. I had slowed down, truly focused on work, and started producing again.

And then, I fell of the wagon. I started opening too many browsers again and fell into old habits. I write this mainly to talk to myself; this is my reminder to slow down. Breathe. Focus. But I am glad you are reading along as well. It’s time to drop some more duds and only work with clients that I really enjoy.

So share with me: when you get too busy, stressed, or over-worked, how do you remind yourself to slow down? How do you stop the rushing?

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