Social Media Consulting

Your social media presence is a pivotal extension of your business. While you know your brand, Jessica can help you understand how, where and when to post content to generate awareness within your target market.

Learn what the right platform is for you, how to create a social media strategy, and when social media listening is crucial.

Each business is unique and your needs are different than others. Book a social media consultation today to find out how Jessica can best help you.

Business Consulting

Whether you are beginning the journey as a business owner or interested in expanding your current income stream, Jessica can coach you on your next steps.

From lead generators to email campaigns, content creation to product development, Jessica will help you create a business plan that will increase your revenue while showing you how to automate many of your offerings.

Unsure where to start? Book a business consulting meeting & let Jessica help you find your next step.


AUTOMATION FOR YOUR BUSINESS — Automation can help you create a seamless online business life so you can focus on your leadership responsibilities. Find out what you should automate immediately so you gain time to focus on your vision, team, and goals.

CREATING & CULTIVATING COMMUNITY - People are craving community now more than ever, which means creating a community surrounding your business is critical to your success. Learn your next 5 steps to easily creating & cultivating a community through digital, virtual, & live options and how to generate your online awareness campaigns to bring more people into your community.

DIGITAL VIRTUAL LIVE, OH MY - Online training, virtual challenges, live streaming. With ever-expanding technology, it is easy to be confused about where to put your time and money. This lecture will discuss the latest tools to help you obtain and retain clients while teaching you how to create digital, virtual, and live products.

FIVE STEPS TO YOUR SIGNATURE CLASS - Ready to create your own class that will stand above the rest? Learn a systematic method of class creation in five simple steps. This method allows you to create endless program designs that are adaptable to all levels of instructors and participants.

FIVE SOCIAL MEDIA DOS & DON'TS - From new platforms to confusing lingo to the ever-changing landscape of our online lives, the world of social media can be overwhelming. In this lecture, learn the best apps, habits, and tricks to use to boost your engagement without having to pay for ads.

GET YOUR TIME BACK - If you are searching for ways to generate more time in your work week, this workshop is for you. From class creation to marketing, learn about the apps, programs, and systems that can give you your time back.

SENSE OF SELFIE - Own who you are and what makes you unique! Your sense of identity is crucial to developing and evolving your brand. Learn how to attract the right group and generate more value by connecting your followers, not just expanding an audience.

SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS, TRICKS, & TRUTHS - Today’s online landscape is NOT about how many followers you have on a platform, but rather the content you are creating. Analyze the latest social media statistics to help you save time and money! Plus, unlock the secrets to blogging and email to integrate into your social media platforms.

THE MOTHER HOOD - Learn what women want in this session where we discuss the typical strengths and weaknesses of a postnatal client. Explore motherhood from the ground up, learn to speak their language, and find out key components of building a stronger mama clientele.

WELCOME TO MY TECH TALK - From email services to social media, you need a lot of systems for your business. Learn easy ways to create, integrate, and balance all of them together so you can work more in your business than on your tasks.