5 Time Management Tips for Mamas

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill

We all wear multiple hats and we all feel pulled in a million directions at some point during our day. As a mama, we feel the need to do ALL THE THINGS, and then struggle to deal with the guilt of not getting it all done. Trust us, even the most organized mama struggles with having ‘enough time’ to get everything done during the day. Can we all just agree that ‘enough time’ is never going to happen?

Instead of focusing on what didn’t get done, flip the script and focus on what you CAN fit in. Here are 5 time management tips for mamas just like you. The first three are preparation work so you can dive into the daily tips 4 & 5, but trust us mama, you got this.

1. Name Your Current Goals

Before you can improve your time management skills, you have to know your current three goals for the next 3-months. You can’t “manage” time without a set of priorities. You can’t have set priorities without an end game to work towards. What are your current three goals? Yes, staying alive & sane can be a goal. Yes, showering every day for 3-months can be a goal. Yes, moving up in your MLM can be a goal. We recommend you are as specific as possible in your goal setting. Whatever you decide, write them down.

2. Write It Down

On that same piece of paper or journal where you wrote your three 3-month goals, create a list of all of your daily & weekly obligations, commitments, and responsibilities right now in your life. Now, create three columns and rate the level of time needed, happiness fulfillment, and goal alignment of each of the activities.

3. Ditch, Replace or Add

Ask yourself: is your daily & weekly schedule in alignment with your goals? Is there a small task you could add that is more in line with your goals? If your goal is to have a healthy pregnancy but you don’t have anything with that goal alignment, maybe you need to replace a current obligation with one focused on your pregnancy¬†(FIT4BABY starts Wednesday…just saying).

If the action that takes up the most of your time is not ranked high in your happiness fulfillment column, then it is time to ditch it. Whether that is your side hustle distributor job, moderator of a facebook group, weekly family dinners with your sister, or room mom role at school, if it isn’t high on your happiness or goal fulfillment, make an action plan to ditch that obligation.

4. Focus Your Day

Now that you know your priorities, every morning take 5-minutes to prioritize the three MUST be done actions for that day. Do those three things first. Focus on only 1 of those tasks at a time, and do not attempt to multi-task all of them at once. If one of the important aspects of your day is an event later in the afternoon, the schedule a barrier around the event to ensure you are not late.

5. Celebrate What You Did

We should always practice gratitude, especially with yourself. Once you accomplish your three prioritized tasks for the day, take a moment to thank yourself. When you start to feel that guilt creep into your mind, make a list of what you did accomplish throughout the day. This may show you that you have done more than you think.

Be sure to thank yourself for all of the jobs well done.

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