Five Things I Am Digging Right Now

I will admit it; After creating newsletters and blogs for my clients, the idea of blogging for myself seems so daunting. I feel the same about social media and website upkeep. After spending “working hours” creating for others, I don’t want to practice what I preach. I spent the first half of the year, stepping back (but not fully away) from doing my own posting, but honestly, I missed you guys.

I want to start a new series for my blogs, if you guys are up for that… I love doing #TrainerTuesday, #WorkoutWednesday, and #TastyThursday. Yes, I use hashtags for the names of my blog series. I like hashtags. But this one…no hashtag, no alliteration. Just things that I am currently digging. From music to apps to social media tricks to food, I am just going to share it all with you. Sound good? Well, let’s go!

PS. I don’t want this to seem like a “me, Me, ME” post. Instead, I want to share things that you should/could use and to give some shout outs to those who deserve it.


1. ShoutEm: Need to make your own app for an upcoming event or your studio? Use Shoutem! I have created 5 totally different apps using this service (event, studio, community, personality, and personal training) and absolutely love their drag and drop building service. Plus, their customer service goes above and beyond expectations. Best part? The price is completely reasonable with three different monthly plans based on your needs.


2. Hot Country playlist on Spotify.  I go through music phases. Don’t you? Last month, it was indie/punk from 2003 era and now, new country. While I skip like half of the songs on this playlist (Kenny Chesney is not my jam. Neither is Sunday Morning by Parmalee…) but there are some winners like Thomas Rhett and Old Dominion.


3. Pre-Making Salads: It’s no secret. I love salads. I prefer a salad at dinner to just about anything else (except the occasional steamed Brussel sprout and popcorn dinner).  I am a big fan and advocate of chopping vegetables before they go into the fridge: I chop, store in mason jars, and put them at eye level in the fridge. Earlier in the summer, I started pre-making my salads in the same fashion. I make 3 or 4 large mason jar salads at a time and have instant dinner!


4. In July, I had the privilege of presenting for IDEA World and SCW Atlanta Mania.

IDEA World is the superbowl for fitness; it was a blast catching up with my fitness family, seeing previous attendees and meeting the new participants. I think presenting “Kick Out The Jams” was a highlight of my entire career. The energy in the room was exceptional (plus sold out on a Sunday…what?). 

When I was 18, I attending Lawrence Biscontini’s yoga certification at SCW Atlanta; it was not only my first fitness certification but my first fitness conference as well. Now, jg’hjagfwa years later (you liked that, didn’t you?), I presented the new BOSU Skills & Drills for Group Personal Training pre-con, three lectures on social media/fitness technology, and BOSU’s Stability Ball  Overhaul.

It was an incredible full circle moment. I couldn’t be more grateful to those who have helped me get to this point in my career. Thank you, Shannon Fable and Candice Brooks for having faith in me.

If you attended one of my workshops, I CANNOT thank you enough. You are the reason I do what I do. Thank YOU.

Now, can I ask a favor? Vote for me as ATL Mania Presenter of the Year… please? I had the honor of winning with LOK Fitness as Innovative Program of the Year and Up-Coming Presenter of the Year in 2016 at Cali Mania. I am hoping for another win, if I have your support. So…vote 10x, ok? Thanks!

5. The Five-Minute Journal: When I heard about this journal from Tim Ferriss’s podcast/blog, I thought he was full of it. But somehow, I ended up ordering three (two for Bruce and Mindy Mylrea plus one for myself). And I will be darned…this little book has changed my mornings! I am shocked at how easy the habit was to start, and how much more mindful I am after taking a few minutes every morning and night to jot down a few prompted answers. My recommendation is to be specific on the grateful questions. Answer why, not just the idea. In other words, don’t take the easy way and say you are grateful for your family. What did they/you do recently to make you grateful?

Thanks for joining me everyone! Do you have things that you are digging right now? Comment below!

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