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This really is a program for you to build your own strength toolbox. Whether you are an instructor, personal trainer, or fitness fanatic, you can participate in this program. Bored and can’t think of new ideas? No problem! Let me do that for you.

Every day, you will receive a 10-minute workout video based on the schedule listed below. Each workout will demonstrate around 10 baseline movements with 1-2 progressions; that means there will be between 20-30 variations exercises per 10-minute video! Additionally, you will receive a 15-minute video of FLOW songs as well.

Don’t have the equipment? No problem! Either skip the week in your selection process or order the equipment! If you want a pair of EQs, please email me so I can help your order a set!

The price depends on what weeks you choose to participate and what equipment you order. Ready? Great! Let’s go!



Monday: Barre Basics

Tuesday: Upper Body

Wednesday: Cardio Craze

Thursday: Core

Friday: Lower Body


Week 1: Gliding Discs (June 5th)

Week 2: Lebert Equalizers (June 12th)

Week 3: Body Weight (June 19th)

Week 4: Bender Ball (June 26th)


Additional information

Week 1: Gliders

Yes, No

Week 2: EQs

Yes, No

Week 3: Body Weight

Yes, No

Week 4: Bender Ball

Yes, No


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